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Welcome to the 2017-18 school year. I hope that you had a memorable and restful holiday. As I write this message, I sit in a new office with an incredible view overlooking our beautiful city. Last year marked my first year at Collingwood School and it was a pleasure becoming a member of our school's community.

My position title and responsibilities have changed for this upcoming academic year, as I was named the the Interim Head of Wentworth. I am thrilled to become the Head of a Jr. School and most importantly lead a remarkable faculty, staff and student body.

I wanted to let you know how excited we are for our students to arrive at Wentworth in September. I am confident that your child will have a positive year at Collingwood and I look forward to seeing all of our students during the first week of school.

June 20, 2018

Home is where my heart is - Home is Collingwood:

Three years ago, when Timber Monteith picked me up from YVR for my second Collingwood job interview, I quickly realized that there was something special about this school. Why did this school send a member of their faculty to pick me up from the airport? Why did this educator have a sign that read “Torono” (a joke I had used in my skype interview with the hiring panel a week prior)? What I quickly began to realize was this selfless and thoughtful act was Wentworth - a culture of people who truly care for one another and are willing to make an outsider feel welcome, even just for the day.

Two years ago, on the first day of school it was our car duty ambassadors who left the most indelible mark on me. Students opening car doors for their peers, saying “good morning” and proclaiming to parents: “Have a good day!” I had not seen such positive citizenship from students on the east coast. I began to believe that it was the mountain air that was a leading contributor to these almost heroic actions. One of Rodger Wright’s famous sayings was: “There is something special in air at Collingwood.” Watching these students complete acts of stewardship brought a tear to my eye and a notion that this community was unique and uncommon.

Former Head of Wentworth, Mandy Richmond told me: “Your first year as principal will be the most challenging.” I asked Mandy to accompany me to coffee in our hometown of Kitsilano this past summer to ask for some advice on educational leadership. I can certainly now agree with her statement; this has been the most challenging year of my life. From construction on Skilift Rd. which led to congestion in our traffic circle, to teacher candidates being pulled away from the independent school system with the influx of teaching positions in the public system, to a Ministry Inspection and CAIS Accreditation, to multiple Snow Days, to an electric blackout, to a mid-year administrative structure change and much more. Some days have felt like I had just sat down on a rollercoaster at the PNE. However, it is the people that have motivated me through the many challenges I have encountered - parents who stop by my office to offer me kind words of support, faculty members who write inspirational messages with whiteboard markers on my office windows, and our students who inspire me to lead such a dynamic community.

My mind took many turns over the past few months regarding my future at Wentworth. As I carefully considered my options for next year and beyond, my thoughts kept coming back to the word “home.” Where was home?

Home is where my heart is. Home is Collingwood.

The idea for this blog entry was inspired by Kyle Lowry of the Toronto Raptors.


Grade 7 Commencement:

Congratulations to our grade 7 graduates. We will certainly miss your enthusiasm, creativity and humour as you begin anew at Morven campus next year. Our Grade 7 Commencement ceremony took place on June 12th. A special thank you to our Commencement speakers Christopher Parker, Daisy Li, Caesar Seminerio and Mr. Davidson.





Snow Cones for Alzheimer's:

During Sports Day, three of our grade 7 students organized and ran a fundraiser for the Alzheimer's Society of British Columbia. At lunch recess these student sold over 400 snow cones to Wentworth students. I was able to take part in this amazing experience, and seeing firsthand the passion and execution of this event by Brendan Barone, Grant Anderson and Evan Maier was powerful. I would also like to make mention of Dillon McLean another founding member of this initiative. This was the second year of this initiative and this year the boys raised over $1200. Excellent work, team!




Crepes - Languages Department:

Madame Couture organized and planned an exciting experience for our grade 4 students last week. Each student received a crepe if they were able to order en francais (all did!). This one French class demonstrates the experiential approach that our teachers aim to utilize with their students.



Lasermaster Champions:

A group of grade 4 and 5 Wentworth students were able to win the Vancouver Wide Lasermaster Championship. This is Collingwood’s first Lasermaster championship since 2012. Is this the beginning of a Golden State Warriors-like dynasty?



Homeroom Teachers for 2018-19:

Below is the list of the homeroom teachers for next year for your information.


JKE - Julie Karpiuk /Kathrin Zimmerman

JKB - Katherine Chin /Frances Moore


KA - Seema Ahad

KS - Laura Scobie

KU - Pauline Ursic


1A - Marisa Allen (Kucera)

1V - Elise Van Draanen

1W - Jessica Wallace


2H - Katherine Hadley

2K - Ellie Klintworth

2N - Wendy Neilsen


3A - Claire Arthur

3D - Jennifer DeGeer

3H - Meaghan Harder

3J - Sacha Jones


4C - Maddy Cott

4F - Richelle Forbes

4M - Lise Middleton

4Z - Hailey Zimcik

4MacS - Keleigh Mackinnon

5L - Brandon Lieu

5Sh - Graham Shaw

5So - Tim Soril

5SC - Shelley Sung Cole

5MacS - Adam Style

6A - Kate Anthony

6C - Sean Corbett

6P - Rachel Pezim

6S - Mark Sullivan


7J - Jacqui Johnson

7P - Matthew Parker

7S - Jeff Stacey

7W - Shauna Wiese



Best Wishes:

Parents, have a restful and exciting summer break. I look forward to seeing you all when we return to school on Wednesday, September 5th, 2018  (Tuesday, September 4th - New Student Day).



June 7, 2018


Certainty in Uncertain Times - How Wentworth is preparing students to thrive in meaningful lives:

Threats of nuclear war over Twitter, climate change and its effects on our globe, authoritarian leaders besieging our democratic institutions, and to a far less extent, changes in school leadership at Collingwood; we live in uncertain times. As one Guardian news article reads: “Welcome to the age of uncertainty.”

During these times, fear and doubt can become a common emotion for all of us. On a personal level, I don’t know if there has been a time in my life where I have doubted myself more than in this past year. Will I be able to lead this outstanding faculty? How will I act in a moment of controversy? Does my vision for elementary school education stack up to more experienced educational leaders? Is this the school community for me?

Last term I was speaking with a student who was struggling with his day-to-day deportment. As I inquired about the reasons for the deterioration of his in-school behaviour, Atticus began to reflect upon the uncertainty in his life, due to some changes in his family. As he communicated, fear and doubt were beginning to creep into his psyche. He was beginning to question his place in our community and ultimately, his confidence had started to plunge. He said: “I’m spiraling.”

Shortly thereafter, I sat down to watch an episode of BBC’s Amazing Planet. The focus of this episode was on animals that thrive in urban settings, specifically pigeons and raccoons. These animals were able to flourish in cities because of one overarching virtue, their ability to adapt. This short clip resonated with me deeply because of my earlier conversation with Atticus about his erratic and unsettled home life.

Questions began to percolate in my head. Will Atticus be able to adapt to his new environment? Is flexibility the key ingredient for success in the future? If adaptability was a key contributor to future success, how would Wentworth students fare in an ever changing world that we cannot yet grasp?

As an educator in this institution, we have a daily commitment to “prepare students to thrive in meaningful lives.” This means teaching them about the importance of being adaptable in terms of knowledge, skills and experiences as they begin to enter high school, university and the working world. It is my belief that, as a school, we are teaching our students directly and indirectly, through what I call the 3Cs: Curriculum, Character and Community, “that the measure of intelligence is the ability to change.”    

1. Curriculum - The New British Columbia curriculum is focused on process and thinking vs. content. I believe this change alone will benefit our students and their maturation during this uncertain time. Teachers are to emphasize the core competencies in their classroom, which centre on their communication skills, critical & creative thinking skills, and personal & social development. These competencies will provide our students with a solid foundation to take on the world when they graduate from Collingwood.

2. Character - Through our Social Emotional Learning (SEL) program at Wentworth our students learn about the importance of skills, such as: relationship skills, self-management, self-awareness, responsible decision making, and social awareness. Beyond our academic classes, these skills are taught explicitly during our SEL block in our primary programme and during Justice Circle and Community & Connections blocks in our intermediate-middle school division. These skills contribute greatly to our students’ growth in becoming more independent, resilient and adaptable.

3. Community - The 4-stranded approach that we use to educate our children helps to create balanced and flexible students. Over the last two years I’ve observed students who are able to adapt to their environment because of the risks they take by being involved in so many incredible co-curricular offerings. Beyond the experiences we provide in Athletics, Arts and Service, our faculty aim to create co-curricular clubs that challenge students’ character and thinking. Computational Thinking club, Girls STEM club, Rubiks Cube club, Model Car club just to think of a few.

Since the school’s inception, we have encouraged our students to act like the Eagle. To our First Nations people these birds represent honesty, leadership, vision, initiative and empathy. This year we have awarded some of our students with a “golden wings” pin. These students lead by example and showed excellent citizenship inside and outside of the walls of this school. Maybe it is time that we begin emphasizing and celebrating those students who act like the pigeon, demonstrating flexibility during uncertain times. Young Atticus would be deserving of this award, he has managed to navigate rocky waters and is beginning to feel like himself again. By applying some of the knowledge and skills he has learned at Wentworth, he has been able to overcome his initial struggles at home. He communicated that he has greater confidence, clarity of thought and emotional stability. Character will always prevail and it is our flexibility that will bring certainty to these uncertain times.


Sports Day:

The grade 1-3 and grade 4-7 students will be competing for house points; they are therefore encouraged to wear face paint and dress in their house colours.  The Junior Kindergarten and the Kindergarten children will be placed in teams derived in their homeroom.

This event will run regardless of the weather (some indoor modifications for the JK-K and grade 1-3 events are planned in case of a downpour). Parents are reminded to help their
children wear and bring weather appropriate clothing. Hats, sunglasses and sunscreen should be packed even if the weather looks overcast. The students should also pack lots of water and snacks to tied them over until lunch.

This year we are making a conscious effort to avoid creating unnecessary waste, and we are asking you to help by packing a water bottle.  The students will be asked to bring their water bottle with them to the field. Please make sure your child has their name clearly written on their water bottle.  There will be water available to refill their bottles. A lunch (all beef hot dogs or veggie dogs, nut free granola bars and a juice box) is available for students in K-7. Sliced oranges will be available during the Junior Kindergarten to grade 3 events. Special dietary needs should be organized by the child’s parent.

- From the desk of Andrew Pinguelo

Caribou Mathematics Competition:

The Caribou Mathematics Competition is a worldwide online contest that is held six times throughout the school year. Here are the students in the Top 200 of the thousands of students that wrote the contests in April and May.






Zachary Weinberg

May 3/4


Dillon McLean

May 7/8


Alex Co

May 3/4


Severin Jackson

May 5/6


Asher Puar

May 5/6


Julian Feng

May 7/8


Kihyun Shin

May 7/8



Jia Hong (Luck) Sun

April 3/4


Matthew Yu

April 3/4


Hudson Seeman

April 5/6


David Zhao

April 5/6


Dillon McLean

April 7/8


Kihyun Shin

April 7/8


Julian Feng

April 7/8


Daniel Chen

April 3/4


Amanda Yang

April 7/8


Sam Ruby

April 5/6



Caribou Cup Results for 2018 for the Top Male and Female in each grade:




Grade 3

Danny Ran

Jessica Zhao

Grade 4

Matthew Yu

Xiao Bo Zeng

Grade 5

Diego Tian

Jules McLean

Grade 6

David Zhao

Reese Tam

Grade 7

Dillon McLean

Daisy Li


Learn more at:

- From the desk of Cory McLean.


Cuts for Cancer Service Initiative:

Last Sunday morning, five grade 6 students and Kate Anthony (Grade 6 teacher) attended the Cuts for Cancer event which was an initiative organized by Isabel Burns and Emma Wang (grade 6 students). Each of them donated 8 inches of their hair to help with the creation of wigs for cancer patients. It was held at the Space Salon on West Broadway where the girls each had two stylists consulting with them in their new hair cut and style. What a courageous group of young girls!

- From the desk of Jacqui Johnson



Grade 3 Touch Rugby:

Our grade 3 students played a home and an away series with Mulgrave School this week. A special thank you to Scott Rickard for coaching our future rugby stars. Our students had many memorable experiences over the last few weeks of training and competition.

Here is a video of our Grade 3 rugby players.



Hot Lunch Program:

The last day for hot lunch in grades K-7 is June 13th. The last day for JK hot lunch is June 19th.


Upcoming Key Dates:

Date(s): Event(s):
Monday, June 11

8:50am-9:20am - Wentworth Weekly Assembly, Katz Telfer Gymnasium, #1 Dress

1:15pm-5:00pm - WW Junior Golf Year-end Tournament.

8:45am-10:40am - 6P Service Trip

Tuesday, June 12                                                     

5:00pm-6:00pm - Grade 7 Commencement, Katz-Telfer Gymnasium

6:00pm-7:00pm - Commencement photo at front of School followed by reception in North Garden, Wentworth Campus

Wednesday, June 13

Wentworth Sports Day, Spirit Dress

9:30am-10:20am - Grade 6 and 8 French Exchange, Wentworth Campus        

Thursday, June 14

11:45am - 2G Class Party 

12:35pm-3:10pm - 5Sul, 5So Class Party 

1:20pm-2:50pm - 2B Class Play, 2B Classroom

1:30pm-2:30pm - 1A Class Play, 1A Classroom

3:00pm-4:00pm - Wentworth Garden Open House

Friday, June 15

11:30am-12:45pm - Wentworth Athletic Banquet. Presentations in Katz-Telfer Gym followed by lunch outside FSC

12:35pm - 5SC and 5JS Class Party

1:15pm - 3J and 3N Class Party 

1:15pm-3:00pm - 3D Class Party

1:30pm-2:30pm - 1D Class Play

1:30pm-2:30pm - 1Ha Class Play

Monday, June 18

8:30am-9:15am - JKE Graduation, JKE Classroom

9:05am-2:35pm - 4D Class Party, Cleveland Dam

9:30am-11:00am - 2N Class Party

12:00pm-2:50pm - 2B Class Party,

12:00pm-3:00pm - 4H Class Party

12:20pm - 4/5MacS Class Party

12:20pm - 4F Class Party

12:20pm-3:00pm - 4M Class Party

12:45pm - 3C Class Party

Tuesday, June 19

8:30am – 9:15am - JKB Graduation, JKB Classroom

9:40am-2:30pm - Grade 6 End of Year Celebration

11:00am-12:00pm - Gr. 7 Class Party, Houssian Gym

12:25pm-2:30pm - KA Class Party

12:25pm-2:30pm - KS Class Party 

1:15pm-2:15pm -  KU Class Party

Wednesday, June 20

Wentworth Campus last day of classes JK-Grade 7

9:00am-10:30am - Grade 4-7 Closing Assembly, Katz-Telfer Gymnasium

1:00pm-2:00pm - Grade 1-3 Closing Assembly, Katz-Telfer Gymnasium



John-Paul Cavalluzzo's Biography:

John-Paul, also commonly known as JP, hails from Toronto, Ontario. He has recently moved to Vancouver with his wife, Sofie. They are thrilled to be working and living in such a beautiful city.

Over the past 20 years John-Paul has been a product of Canadian Accredited Independent Schools (CAIS) as a student, faculty member and administrator. Most recently, he was the Director of Intermediate-Middle School at Collingwood. Prior to his move to Vancouver, he taught (middle school English & History) and coached (football, basketball, track & field) at Upper Canada College in Toronto.

JP holds a Master's of Teaching from the University of Toronto and is close to completing his CAIS Leadership Diploma.

JP is an incredibly passionate educator that greatly values character education. He is committed to Collingwood becoming a CAIS leader in character education.




"The greatest glory in living lies not in ever falling, but in rising every time we fall."