Unbounded Learning

We want our students to have no limits to their learning - today and tomorrow. In grade 4-7, we will dedicate a significant block of time each week in the timetable where children image, design, collaborate and create. They are unbounded by time, subject areas, and even by grade level as they work with children in other grades.

Children in grade 4-7 will take three modules over the course of the school year. All modules will be designed with maximum student engagement in mind and will focus on application of skills and follow the design cycle. Students will choose on module with a Science & Technology focus, one with an Arts & Athletics focus and one with a Community & Connections focus.

Science & Technology

  • Robotics (4/5)
  • Rocketry
  • Animation
  • Coding
  • CSI/Forensic Investigation
  • Sumo Robot

Arts & Athletics

  • Auto Design (4/5)
  • Fibre and Function
  • Make-it Space
  • Costume Design
  • Build an Athlete
  • Happiness Project

Community & Connections

  • Streamkeepers (4/5)
  • Social Media Revolution
  • Media Messages
  • Change and Impact - "Shark Tank"
  • Feeding our Community
  • Adventure Interpreation

Modules in grade 4/5 will run for 6 weeks while modules in 6/7 will run for 8-9 weeks. Students will have some mini-lessons focused on skill building in the particular area, with the majority of the time spent on application and creation for a particular focus group or identified need in our school, community, world or future.