The goal of the Transportation Department is to provide safe and dependable morning, afternoon and co-curricular bus service for the Collingwood School community.

Collingwood School's bus system operates solely for our students, staff and faculty. Our buses are routed through all areas of the North Shore from Lions Bay to Deep Cove as well as into South Vancouver.

In an effort to lessen traffic congestion in the streets surrounding the schools, we encourage you to consider using our school transportation system. Reasonable rates and flexible routes make this a secure and convenient mode of transportation for students and employees of Collingwood School.

If you would like further information regarding our School transportation system please call Transportation Manager Howard Janami at 604 925 3331 ext 2298 , or by email at

Student Safety

Student safety is the number one priority for Transportation Management at Collingwood School. According to Transport Canada, school buses are the safest form of transport for over 2 million children taken to and from school every school day (80% safer than passenger vehicles and highway coaches). Currently, Transport Canada has formed a Task Force to review how school buses can be made even safer—possibly by the addition of safety belts. At present, school buses use an intelligent design called compartmentalization to protect passengers on board from impact. Seats are made with padded high backs, use strong anchorage, and are spaced closely together to create compartments. The premise of this design is to absorb impact in the event of a collision, and for this reason, the compartmentalization model is generally more favoured than the seat belt model. While we await the findings of Transport Canada’s school bus and seat belt safety review, we continue to employ best practices including hiring professional drivers over volunteer parent or teacher drivers and using school buses over private coaches for the design advantages referenced above. In addition, we employ stop indicators, mirrors and crossing arms for increased pedestrian and passenger safety.