University guidance

Our University Guidance office works with students to find a university that suits them well—but it’s also an opportunity for students to reflect, grow and learn about who they are. Students are at the centre of this process from beginning to end, and we expect them to take responsibility for meeting deadlines, researching schools, registering for tests and completing applications. We are here to support, encourage and counsel students as they navigate their many available post-secondary options.


While we spend a great deal of time working with students in Grades 11 and 12, we make our initial contact with our students in Grade 8, and commit to meeting with every grade at least once a year. In addition, we hold group meetings related to the university search and application processes, and evening sessions for families each fall and spring to cover course selection and the fundamentals of applying to Canadian, American and International schools.



Graduates of Collingwood School, please follow this link to the BC Ministry of Education to request your official transcript.

University Acceptances

A Collingwood education is designed to challenge each individual student to venture into the unknown and become a discerning, resilient and contributing citizen of the world. As a result, our students are prepared for the challenges ahead as they expand their horizons across the globe in pursuit of promising and meaningful futures.

School Profile

More than 50% of our graduates apply internationally.



We host over 60 universities each year to provide students the opportunity to meet university admission representatives to learn about the most up to date programs and admission information.




Jennifer Adriaanse
Director of University Guidance
604.925.3331 ext. 1167

Rachel Davidson
University Guidance Counsellor
604.925.3331 ext. 1166

Chris Payne
University Guidance Counsellor
604.925.3331 ext. 1168

Rachel Pezim
University Guidance Counsellor
604.925.3331 ext. 1169

Milan Vertone
University Guidance Administrative Assistant
604.925.3331 ext. 2226