Student Services

Our Mission

It is the Head of House’s mission to create and foster School spirit in a collaborative and caring environment. Guidance is provided to the students in the areas of personal, social and emotional advising, academic support, and career counseling. The multi-aged House groupings will also allow for mentoring and peer leadership. Through shared decision making and clear communication, our goal is to create a common experience across the six Houses.

Our Philosophy

Our Team strives to provide a safe, caring and non-judgmental environment that enables students to work through challenges and develop coping strategies. Through an open-door, collaborative approach we develop the overall well-being of our students. As student advocates, we work closely with administrators, teachers and parents to address issues that arise. We respect confidentiality, but when needed we refer students and families to external professionals and resources. As educators, we make every effort to stay up-to-date with current trends and philosophies as they relate to our students.

In regards to Student Life, our Team will work to develop leadership opportunities amongst students in the House. The House Captains will also play a big role in mentoring students and fostering a sense of community and spirit within their Houses.

Our Role

  • social and emotional advising
  • tools to build resilience and coping strategies
  • liaison with teachers and parents
  • personal growth and development programs
  • academic support and goal setting
  • developing time management skills
  • referral to the University Guidance and Career Centre
  • referrals to external professionals and resources

The program is provided either by personal, confidential, one-on-one meetings or through groups organized by grade or special interest.

Heads of House

Byrd House
Alexa Grivakes
604.925.3331 ext. 1104

Houssian House
Grant Harder
604.925.3331 ext. 1106

Geer House
David Pool
604.925.3331 ext. 1105

Mackenzie House
Kimberly Desjardins
604.925.3331 ext. 1101

Groos House
Lisa Bremner
604.925.3331 ext. 1107

Senft House
Kevin Waterhouse
604.925.3331 ext. 1102