Uniform Guidelines

The Collingwood uniform promotes school unity and a sense of community. It is a symbol of pride and identity. It allows our student body to find ways to differentiate themselves outside of clothing choices, and our uniform also connects us to our history and from one generation to the next.

Wearing the uniform correctly and with pride shows your commitment to your team and support to Collingwood as a whole. Wearing the uniform also prepares you for your life after school when work will set expectations for you to dress professionally and appropriately. Our uniform expectations can be expanded below.

Uniform Expectations

#1 Uniform

• To be worn on assembly days as outlined by your specific campus

• Special occasions

• As determined by your Head of Campus

#2 Uniform

• Worn any day that #1 is not required

Kilts and Tunics

• Should not be more than 4 inches above the knee. This will be required for the 2019/2020 school year and strictly enforced. Kits and Tunics are accompanied by grey knee high socks or grey tights. No ankle length socks are permitted.


• Can be any closed, flat, all black shoe or bootie. No open backs, high heels, boots or coloured soles. Runners are fine provided they are all black (including the sole of the shoe) and do not have off colour branding. Booties would be something similar to a Blundstone.

Pants/Walking Shorts

• Dark grey matching the colour of the pant provided by InSchoolWear. Pants and Shorts are accompanied by grey dress socks. No white socks are permitted.


• Tucked in unless they are a specific cut and style meant to be worn untucked


• Running shoes that are non-marking

• White athletic socks to be changed out of after PE (this is for hygienic purposes)

• Morven Only: all black leggings must be below the knee and not have details such as (but not limited to) mesh, off colour design etc. Any branding should not be off colour.


• For PE only

Pieces that will remain in circulation and can be worn from our old and new provider. Provided they are in excellent condition (no holes, tears etc)

• Kilt

• Tunic

• Navy pull over sweater

• Navy cardigan sweater

• Light blue pull over sweater

• Light blue cardigan sweater

• White Collingwood crested polo shirts

• Navy Collingwood crested polo shirts

• Grade 4-6 ties, grade 7 ties, house ties, grade 12 ties

• Collingwood branded navy coolmax gym shorts

• Collingwood crested hoodies

• House shirts

• Blazers

• Gym bags

Items to be removed from circulation and no longer part of the Collingwood uniform

• Grey Collingwood branded gym shirt

• Wentworth – old Cambridge track suit

• Wentworth – skorts

(printable Grade 4-7 PDF Checklist - includes all PE gear)

(printable Morven PDF Checklist - includes all PE gear)

Uniform Provider

InSchoolwear is our uniform provider.

There are three ways to shop for your uniform pieces:

  1. Beginning Monday, June 17. Mondays and Wednesdays, 9:00am-1:00pm at the Morven Campus. Please note: we will be offering additional days before the start of school on:
    • Tuesday, August 20
    • Tuesday, August 27
    • Tuesday, September 3
  2. During regular retail hours at the InSchoolWear store in Burnaby

    7666 Winston Street, Burnaby, V54 2H4
    Telephone: 604 620 8806
    Email: vancouver@inschoolwear.comPlease note, they are closed on Sunday and Mondays.

  3. Online, all the time with weekly deliveries to both campuses on Thursdays. Please note, summer deliveries will be made to Morven only as the Wentworth office is closed.
    Order online here.
    Use code cwsc – all lower case, for ordering purposes.