Student Safety

Student and staff safety is a priority for Collingwood School. The school's operations meet or exceed the standards established by Provincial regulations; the BC Fire Code, the Transportation Safety Act, and the Independent School Act are among the many Acts governing school operations. The school's buildings are regularly inspected by our maintenance staff and deficiencies are corrected immediately. The West Vancouver Fire Department conducts annual inspections of our facilities.


Accidents and emergencies do happen despite everyone's best efforts. Planning for meeting the challenges posed by emergencies involves the entire community. Students and staff regularly practice fire, earthquake and lockdown drills to help us learn about our level of readiness.

The school maintains a supply of emergency equipment, food and shelter at the Wentworth and Morven campuses. These containers are located in proximity to the school and will assist students and staff to support themselves for 72 hours.

Teachers and staff all receive First Aid training to help manage emergent situations. Regular day to day injuries and wellness is managed by the Health Center staff of one Registered Nurse and three Licensed Practical Nurses.


Do not call the school directly in the event of an emergency at the school.

Collingwood school staff regularly practice the School's Critical incident plan to familiarize themselves with procedures and situations that students and staff might face.

For more information about Collingwood's Health and Safety program, please contact the Heads of School.

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