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Important Health Dates

Grade 6 Immunization Clinic
Grade 9 Immunization Clinic
Kindergarten Health Screening


Collingwood is an allergy aware school — we ask that nut or nut-based products are not brought to school in snacks, lunches or classroom treats.


Katie Archer, LPN
Head of Health Centre/Nurse

Kayley Letendre, LPN
Wentworth Campus Nurse

Sheri Jooyandeh

Morven Campus Nurse

Andrea Kelsall, RN, BScN
Morven/Wentworth Campus

Timber Monteith
Wentworth Counselor

Morven Counselors:

Groos House
Lisa Bremner
604.925.3331 ext. 1107

Houssian House
Ashleigh Gold
604.925.3331 ext. 1106

Byrd House
Alexa Grivakes
604.925.3331 ext. 1104

Mackenzie House
Michael Payne

Geer House
David Pool
604.925.3331 ext. 1105

Senft House
Kevin Waterhouse
604.925.3331 ext. 1102

Health Centre

The Collingwood Health Centre is an important part of the Collingwood school environment. The Health Centre is “wellness” focused and has offices on both campuses. The offices are staffed by nursing professionals who are available throughout the school day to attend to the health needs of the students, faculty, staff and families of Collingwood. To do this the nursing team works hand-in-hand with faculty and staff to help identify medical, physical and emotional problems which could affect a student’s ability to learn and fully participate in school life.

What we do

A lot happens in the nurse’s office beyond attending to ill or injured children. The nursing staff works to maintain up-to-date and accurate medical/health/immunization records for all students, we may be seen participating in camps, trips, and sporting events to ensure students stay healthy in their off campus activities and most importantly we are teachers of health and wellness.

Sexual Health Education

Andrea Kelsall has obtained her certification in Sexual Health Education and provides classes in human sexuality at all age levels. At least once a year Andrea offer’s a parent workshop to help families with some of the difficult questions kids may ask at home.

Other Health Education

All of the Collingwood nurses use everyday situations to educate students on the importance of good nutrition, conditions and illnesses, proper rest and exercise, and personal hygiene. We are also frequently invited into the classroom to provide education on a variety of health related subjects.

Health Information for the whole family

Keep an eye on our website and resources for up to date information on any health issues that may impact the school, the community, and your family’s health and wellness.

The Health Centre endeavors to help students to thrive in meaningful and healthy lives. Please feel free to drop by for a visit or call to speak to a member of the nursing team.


Return to Learn, Return to Play

At Collingwood we consider the health and safety of its students to be a top priority. We recognize the potential impact head injury/concussion has on the short and long term health of a student. In recent months we have been working hard on developing a Collingwood specific concussion management protocol and procedure which will guide the care of and ultimate return to learn and play for each of our students.

Prior to the start of each term of sport, all athletes playing contact sports undergo baseline testing with Impact. This is used by the doctor in the event of a concussion to establish clearance for return to play & learn. Athletes only need to complete this testing once per year unless they are concussed. All coaches for all sports are required to complete online concussion training and submit certificate of completion to the Athletic Director.

Important Downloads

Learn More About Concussions

Parents who wish to increase their understanding about concussion may wish to complete the Centre for Disease Control’s “Heads Up Online Concussion Training Program”. This free training program can be accessed at the following web address:


Confidentiality & Privacy

Registered and Practical Nurses in British Columbia are governed by regulatory bodies. These bodies (CLPNBC and CRNBC) receive their authority from the Government of B.C.

As mandated by these governing bodies every Registered and Practical Nurse in B.C. is required to adhere to the principles of both the Health Professions Act and the Principles of the Freedom of Information and Protection and Privacy Act in British Columbia.

Confidentiality and Privacy are therefore part of the code of ethics in which nurses must operate in accordance to law. This maintains that all Nurses are required by law to safeguard information learned in the context of a professional relationship, to ensure that it is shared outside the healthcare team only with that individual’s informed consent, or as may be legally required, or where the failure to disclose this information would cause significant harm.
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