Student Health Information

The Health Centre maintains health information on all students enrolled at Collingwood. We rely on parents to update this information annually or sooner if new concerns arise (e.g. change in medication or new health condition).

To update your child’s health information, click on the Mandatory Back to School Forms found on PCR Parent Portal.

Why this is important:
Providing accurate and up to date information on your child’s current health status and past medical history is critical for assessing appropriate measures of care and relevance to the situation at hand.

Care Cards/Medical Insurance

Upon enrolment, the school requires that all students provide a current care card number or insurance provider. Your child will not be able to participate in off-site school activities without a personal health number or written evidence of medical insurance coverage.

Health Screening

Annually in the fall, Kindergarten students have a hearing and vision screening test performed by a VCH provider. It is also recommended that school-age children have their vision tested annually. Provincial MSP covers the cost for children age 0 to 18 years for one full eye examination annually.

Students who show signs of vision or hearing difficulty in any grade may also be screened as part of the annual kindergarten screening to rule out a problem.

If a problem exists, you will be notified and referred for further medical evaluation if needed.

Immunization Records & Clinics

Whether you decide to vaccinate or not, it is important that you share this choice with Vancouver Coastal Health, so that in the event there is a communicable disease outbreak the Health Authority is able to identify those at risk of contracting a potentially life-threatening illness and mitigating the situation in a timely manner; limiting the spread of disease and protecting your child.

Whether you decide to vaccinate or not:

The Vancouver Coastal Health Authority provides immunizations at no charge for children in Grade 6 and 9. Parents will be asked for their consent prior to their child receiving any immunization.

  • Grade 6 immunization clinics are held in the fall and spring, while the Grade 9 clinics are held early in the new year. The exact dates are posted on the Collingwood Calendar at the beginning of the school year.
  • Please visit immunize BC for up to date information and schedules.


The Nurses can assist students in taking medications while at school or keep controlled substances on hand (e.g. Ativan or Tylenol 3), however require for reasons of safety and nursing licensure that the all medications arrive in a prescription bottle with written consent and dosage instructions by the prescribing physician.

Over-the-counter medications like Tylenol, Advil, Benadryl, and Gravol are on hand and given to students under nursing discretion. With students at the junior campus, the nurses try their best to contact parents before administration of medication; however will use nursing discretion if unreachable (e.g. high fever requiring intervention).

If you do not want your child to receive any medication while at school, please let us know in writing.