Important Information about Collingwood's Health Centre:

Concussion Management: Return to School, Return to Sport

At Collingwood we consider the health and safety of its students to be a top priority. We recognize the potential impact head injury/concussion has on the short and long term health of a student. Our concussion management protocol and procedure will guide the care of each of our students on necessary gradual return to learn and play.

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Confidentiality & Privacy

Registered and Licensed Practical Nurses in British Columbia are governed by regulatory bodies (BCCNP), which receive their authority from the Government of B.C. As mandated by these governing bodies every Registered and Licensed Practical Nurse in B.C. is required to adhere to the principles of both the Health Professions Act and the Principles of the Freedom of Information and Protection and Privacy Act in British Columbia.

Confidentiality and Privacy are therefore part of the code of ethics in which nurses must operate in accordance to law. This maintains that all Nurses are required by law to safeguard information learned in the context of a professional relationship, to ensure that it is shared outside the healthcare team only with the individual’s informed consent, or as may be legally required, or where the failure to disclose this information would cause significant harm.

Control of Communicable Diseases and Illness

Your family’s health is important to us!

Review our school illness policy for guidelines on when it is best practice to keep your child home, thereby promoting healing through early intervention and limiting the spread of preventable illness within the Collingwood community.

Please be considerate of others, especially those that are already immunocompromised, by implementing the following within your families everyday practice:

  • If your child is ill, please keep them at home. When they are ill, especially with fever, diarrhea, or vomiting, your child is considered highly infectious and at increased risk of succumbing to other infections (e.g. pneumonia)
  • If you decide to send your child to school while ill, please be aware that you are exposing others to preventable illness.
  • There are individuals within our community who have certain chronic conditions, weakened immune systems, heart or lung diseases, which place them at greater risk of complications from viruses that can be life-threatening.

Thank you for your assistance in trying to mitigate the spread of infection within Collingwood and your home.
Please call or stop by the Health Centre whenever you are not certain about sending your child to school.

Additional tips and info:

  • Wash hands regularly with warm soapy water! It is our number one defense against the spread of infection.
  • Sneeze and cough away from other people and into your sleeve not your hands.
  • Use single-use tissues, dispose of waste promptly afterwards then wash hands.
  • Regularly disinfect frequently touched surfaces.
  • Let children play with toys that can be easily cleaned.
  • Refrain from touching your face while ill, as this can transfer viruses from your hands into the body. If you do touch your face, then please wash your hands.
  • Refrain from sharing utensils, dishes, or glassware.
  • Flu shots are recommended and available through your health care provider.
  • To help keep your immune system strong make sure you eat a nutrient dense diet, stay physically active, and obtain at least 8-10 hours of sleep every night.

Additional Health Resources:

Sneezes and Disease (Vancouver Coastal Health Production)

Health Link BC – Health Information

Anxiety BC

Getting Rid of Head Lice

Illness and Incidents at School

We make every effort to safeguard your child’s health and other children’s health while at school.

If your child is ill requiring early pick up, please do so in a timely manner. If you are unable to do so, please provide the Health Centre with an alternate contact who can.

In the event of a serious accident or emergency, you will be contacted immediately. If necessary, the student will be transported by ambulance to an appropriate medical facility and will be accompanied by the nurse or designated staff, or another family member.

Potentially Life Threatening Conditions

If your child has a health concern that may require life-saving medication or treatment while at school, please complete the Medical Alert sheet with physician signature if emergency medication is required at school.

By completing this form you are communicating your child’s life threatening condition and their needs to faculty, staff, and school nurses; ensuring their safety should a medical emergency arise.

Please note Collingwood is an allergy aware school. We ask that nut or nut-based products are not brought to school in snacks, lunches or classroom treats. Read our Anaphylaxis Policy here.

Sexual Health Education

Externally sourced sexual health educators provide education to school aged children K – 12 on an annual basis. A parent workshop is provided prior to delivery of sexual health education in order to update families on content delivered and help with some of the difficult questions students may ask at home.

Sexual Health Resources: