Ludwigs' Family Cafeteria

Operated by Gemini Food Services, we are open daily from 7:30 am – 3:30 pm, and offer a full selection of breakfast, lunch and snack items, along with hot and cold beverages. Enjoy one of our famous breakfast burritos, homemade soups, or fresh daily specials.

For fast payment, pre-load your student card at the cash register, and simply swipe to pay. We also accept debit cards, credit cards, and cash

Do you have any special dietary needs? Speak with Gino, our Cafeteria Manager, and we will do our best to provide a meal to suit your needs.

Questions? Call Gino at 604-925-3331 ext. 1117, or email:

Weekly Lunch Specials

February 17 - February 21, 2020
Lunch Specials
*vegetarian options

Family Day - School Closed


Teriyaki Meatballs with rice and salad

* Teriyaki Veggie balls with rice and salad


Breaded baked chicken with mashed potatoes and peas

* Breaded Veggie”chicken” with mashed potatoes and peas


Homemade Pizza al Taglio with potatoes

* Homemade veggie Pizza al taglio with potatoes


Lemon-pepper Salmon with Fettuccine butter and parmesan, salad 

* Fettuccine with veggie Bolognese and salad