Exchange Program

The International Exchange Program offers students the unique opportunity to experience a new country, culture and lifestyle with the safety net of a host school and family. This experience empowers students to broaden their horizons, gain international perspective and become more self-aware. Out of the necessity to confront challenges outside a familiar support network and comfort zone, students often return as more confident and mature global citizens.

The ideal exchange candidate is someone who upholds and embodies Collingwood’s ideals and standards, is four-stranded and enthusiastic about making the most of the experience. Strong academic standing and effort are seriously considered during the selection process.

Students sent on exchange are expected to act as ambassadors of Collingwood School and fully immerse themselves in all aspects of school and family (or sometimes boarding) life while studying at their exchange school. Successful candidates must also be willing to host a student – usually from the reciprocal exchange school, but not always (the student may also be older). It is the responsibility of the student and their family to make all travel arrangements (airline tickets and visas/health vaccinations, if necessary) and it is expected that the student discuss the academic expectations they must fulfill for their Collingwood teachers during their time abroad.

An information meeting is scheduled in late February each year for parents and students.

The coordinator for International Exchange is Shannon Bosa