Donate to the Spring Fair Volunteer

Be a Patron of the Fair!

Our Collingwood Spring Fair, a time-honoured tradition, doesn’t happen without your generosity and support.

On April 28th, communities from all over the North Shore are coming together at Collingwood for a fun-filled day of games & activities, specialty markets, silent auctions, and much more! We are looking forward to welcoming over 4000 attendees. The tradition of the fair as the annual parent fundraiser has remained strong for decades, and with each passing year, enthusiasm for this event soars higher. This Spring, we invite both families and corporations to support our Spring Fair. Not only is your financial support so important to this cherished event, but all funds raised go back to the school to enhance the educational experiences of our students. We understand today’s young people are tomorrow’s leaders. To this end, Collingwood is committed to working with our students to develop new programs that educate and inspire tomorrow’s scientists, innovators, artisits, philanthropists, and mathematicians. Future successes depend on highly engaged, highly capable talent - talent that must be nurtured during primary and secondary educational years. Our school wouldn’t be as successful without the diligent parent and community involvement it was first built on. And the Spring Fair, our school’s biggest fundraiser, is here to raise the bar each year on how we as parents can help further enrich all aspects of our school. The fair is, and has always been, 100% organized and supported by volunteers, contributors and patrons. With a patron commitment through your business or family support, your parents council will be able to put on an unbelievable event for everyone to enjoy.

We thank you in advance for your consideration and look forward to seeing you at the Fair!