Collingwood School Grade 11/12 Elected Leadership Positions

Overview of student leadership at Collingwood:

Leadership at Collingwood is more than a title. Collingwood strives to nurture leaders who have initiative, create opportunities, reinforce change and generate enthusiasm for their vision. Ideally, student leaders have the ability to inspire others to action and the motivation to contribute to their community in valuable and authentic ways. Leadership is increasingly infused in all aspects of Collingwood, from JK – 12, and the grade 11/12 elected leadership positions should be seen as both a learning opportunity and a summative leadership experience.

Our grade 11 and 12 elected leaders are adaptable, positive role models who do the following:

  • Empower and motivate others
  • Encourage a growth mindset and risk taking in self and others
  • Uplift and encourage others to be open to new possibilities
  • Listen actively, collaborate and communicate effectively
  • Wears their uniform with pride
  • Support the values and traditions of the Collingwood community
  • Critically consider how to balance environmental, community, and global sustainability issues with school activities
  • Must be in good standing with all academic and co-curricular activities in order to be able to balance their leadership duties with prior responsibilities


Leadership Opportunity For who? Details
Student Executive Grade 12 2 School Presidents (Head Girl & Boy)
6 Members of the Executive

Job Description: School Presidents (Head Girl and Boy)

This role is for the student that wants their voice to be heard and be a part of student lead initiatives at the school. The ability to manage your time, work independently and as part of a team, and follow through on tasks is a must.


  • Provide a leadership structure for students
  • Work closely with faculty to initiate student led initiatives and projects
  • Advocate for the welfare and positive learning environment of all students
  • Infuse, integrate, and incorporate the 4 strands in student activities
  • Represent the school as ambassadors and role models
  • Be responsible for a specific set of school wide and grad events and obligations (e.g., Welcome Back BBQ, grad fundraiser, kindie buddies, etc.)
  • Connect with other student leaders across both campuses
  • Commit to a weekly block of time to meet, collaborate and plan


Letter of Intent

Letters should be addressed to Mr. James Lee and Ms. Weiss and outline why you want to run for this position and what you think you bring to the table.

Please clearly state if you are putting your name forward for:
Student Exec (only) or Student Exec and/or Head Girl or Boy.

Due: April 19 - Bring to Ms. Weiss' office


Interview, Speeches, and Voting

  • All applicants will be granted an interview (approx. 10 min) on either April 25 or April 26.
  • Interview panel is comprised of both faculty and students
  • List of shortlisted candidates will be posted outside the Senior School office @ 4:00 pm on April 26
  • Short listed candidates will speak at assembly (2 min. max.) on April 29 after which students and faculty will vote

Announce: May 3



Leadership Opportunity For who? Details
House Captains Grade 11 & 12 3 House Captains per house
No predetermination based on grade and/or gender

Job Description:

This role is for the student that has strong house spirit and an ability to motivate. Must have a willingness to work hard with the other captains to provide fun and exciting opportunities for students.

  • Work as a team with fellow House Captains and Head of House
  • Collaborate with House Captains from all 6 houses
  • Support the House Commanders in organizing house intermural activities and other house initiatives
  • Exemplify school and house spirit
  • Organize and run House assemblies and events
  • Connect on a regular basis with mentor class
  • Connect with other student leaders across both campuses
  • Be visible, present and engaged in their house at school wide events like Terry Fox Run, House Olympics, etc.
  • Commit to a weekly block of time to meet, collaborate and plan


Letter of Intent

Please write a brief letter that outlines why you want to run for this position and what you think you bring to the table.

Due: May 10 – Submit to your Head of House

Speeches and Voting

  • Each candidate will make a 2-minute speech to their House
  • All house members from grade 8 – 12 and faculty will vote after the speeches on May 13

Announce: May 17