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Round Square

Collingwood School is the only Round Square school in the Greater Vancouver. The founding schools of Round Square committed to equipping youth for leadership and service in a democracy by helping them to prepare for life despite hardships, dangers, and emotion of the moment. Today, countless students take part in conferences, service projects and exchanges and continue to carry the spirit of Round Square in them. For more information on the history and heritage of Round Square, visit here.


Round Square schools are characterized by a shared belief in an approach to education built around six themes, the IDEALS (Internationalism, Democracy, Environmentalism, Adventure, Leadership & Service), drawn from the theories of the educationalist Kurt Hahn.

The Round Square IDEALS underpin the Discovery Framework, which supports schools in developing and structuring holistic programmes that build character, competencies and life-skills in our students. Learn more about the Round Square IDEALS - Visit Here

Six of our Morven students recently traveled to the Round Square International Conference in London, England. They share their experiences and reflections through the lens of the IDEALS below.

IDEALS through Round Square Conference

Overview of the conference by Rebecca and Mila

Round Square International Conference 2022 can be described as many things, from an unforgettably diverse union of bright, young minds, to a meaningful and brave discussion about our global community, and even a hands-on event for community service and adventuring. The six of us each brought home different memories which we are positive will follow us throughout our unique journeys. When we first arrived at Oxford with 1500 delegates from around the world, we were excited to be acquainted with them, but at the same time, we were timid. Undeniably, connecting with the other students was the most exciting feat to overcome. Each student brought different perspectives to the table that inspired us to challenge our own ideas while at the same time fueling friendships, all of which stemmed from the Round Square IDEALS; Internationalism, Democracy, Environmentalism, Adventure, Leadership and Service. These six pillars were core embellishments of each activity we participated in, woven into the cultural evening we attended, the keynote speakers we listened to, and the community-building activities we took part in. The spirit of the Round Square IDEALS had an impact on each individual at the conference and is a notion that we hope will be reciprocated at Collingwood School.

Key Contacts

Jacquelyn Johnson

Jacquelyn Johnson

Round Square Representative, Service Learning Coordinator (JK-7)
Katie Field

Katie Field

Round Square Coordinator (8-12)