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The Arts are a meaningful part of each student’s education, promoting creativity and self-expression while teaching patience and teamwork. Exposure to the Arts expands the ability to look at issues from multiple perspectives and approach challenges in unique ways. Throughout their time at Collingwood, each student will have the opportunity to participate in a wealth of music, visual and performing arts through both curricular and co-curricular programming. Throughout the year there are numerous concerts, plays, dance shows and gallery nights that showcase the amazing work of our student-artists.

Visual Arts

Our professional-grade studio spaces, art supplies and equipment support student creativity and expressions through drawing, painting, sculpting, digital photography, graphic design and Film.


Students learn and develop vocal technique in our music studio and recording spaces.  Our Instrument spaces provide an ideal acoustic environment for rehearsals and performances. 


Our Dance Department develops confident, well-rounded dancers that have a wide variety of kinetic vocabulary in ballet, jazz and modern dance. Students are able to take advantage of experienced instructors and the studio’s floating floors.


We offer courses in drama and stagecraft and stage full-scale productions in the Darlene S. Howard Theatre–the space boasts over 3,000 square feet of floor space, modular seating to conform to any audience configuration and an overhead grid where stagecraft students work and set lights. 

CW Arts Mag

Arts Mag shines a spotlight on the artistic talents of Collingwood. Celebrating art in a kaleidoscope of forms, we showcase the prowess of painters, drawers, graphic artists, orators, musicians, singers, actors, poets, writers, sculptors, photographers and designers. From budding artists to seasoned veterans, the students and teachers who have graced the pages of Arts Mag have shared their inspiration, their philosophy and their passion vis-à-vis life and the role of art.

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Upcoming Events

Beaumont Studios

Join the Collingwood music ensembles at the funky Beaumont studios in Vancouver. The Beaumont Studios are artist run and spaces where artists can create 24/7. The performing ensembles will include the jazz bands, jazz choir, and some small ensembles. There will be drinks available. Downbeat is 7pm, and the show will end before 9pm. 

For more information on this wonderful venue go here


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Our Department Heads

Jake Francis

Jake Francis

Head of Visual Arts
Michael Schaldemose

Michael Schaldemose

Head of Performing Arts