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Collingwood recognizes the value and necessity of a diverse array of technological skills and business acumen. Our ADST and STEM department ensure that students are equipped with skills to advance in the ever-changing climate of the 21st Century. Using the design cycle and project-based learning, students in ADST and STEM courses will develop the skills to innovate, create, problem solve, pitch and present using a wide variety of tools. In STEM programs, students use industry standard software and hardware to learn design, production, and testing skills in a variety of areas such as robotics, 3D design and manufacturing, game programming, digital image editing, website design, video editing and 3D modeling and animation. Students work in teams to solve technical challenges in a technology-enriched environment that includes 3D printers, laser cutters, robotics components and a multimedia lab equipped with the latest software. Courses offered in ADST challenge students to think creatively and work together in efforts to solve problems facing commercial and business enterprises. Students are presented with opportunities to push their entrepreneurial, innovation, research and communication skills as they tackle real-life scenarios facing business and the commercial markets. Students completing STEM and ADST courses will have built the entrepreneurial, technical, teamwork, and communication skills most necessary to succeed in today’s post-secondary and commercial environment.

Duncan Fraser

Head of STEM