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PEAK Performance Program

The Peak Performance program is designed for students performing in a particular field of passion at an extraordinarily high level. Revised to align with our new Strategic Plan and with our school values of Community, Curiosity, and Courage, students in the PEAK Program reflect these values and continue to perform in their chosen discipline and within the school community.

The PEAK Performance facilitates the following for students:

  • Consultation with University Guidance to discuss the ability to take elective courses online.
    Note:  Courses required for graduation must be completed at Collingwood. Please visit the Ministry of Education website for more information.
  • Complete 28 of 32 credits within the academic year (September-June) allowing for one study/support block during the year.
  • Work with University Guidance to determine which study block is the best fit for the student's schedule.
  • Work collaboratively with classroom teachers on manageable deadlines.