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Outdoor Education

Explore, Collingwood School’s outdoor education program, facilitates a seasonal variety of outdoor experiences and skill progression for students. The program promotes self-discovery and a more holistic understanding of the natural world.

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Tristan '23

I believe that Explore is extremely important for many reasons. To begin with, we are very disconnected from our friends and even ourselves as we are stuck on screens daily. Because of advancements in technology, we substitute face-to-face conversations with those on our phones making us feel farther from our friendships.

Nic '23

Looking back I think the cooking aspect of making your own meals and really relying on yourself and others to enjoy yourself was a very important life lesson that I can already see paying off in everyday life when I am cooking at home or just cooperating with other people.    

Explore Testimonial

Grace '22

Explore gives students an opportunity that most people may never experience in their life. Although we live in such a beautiful country with amazing areas for camping, I believe that most people may never think to try camping or Explore-like situations, as it is so different from our regular lives.

Explore Testimonial

Devina '22

My favourite part of Explore was waking up outside every morning on Grade 9 spring trip. Our solo on that trip was so peaceful and many of us saw plenty of wildlife when we sat by the water under the shelters we built.

Outdoor Education Department

Eric Waters

Eric Waters

Head of Outdoor Education
Brei Souza

Brei Souza

Experiential Learning Program Coordinator