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Senior School


At our Senior School Campus, more than 600 Grade 8-12 students learn in a vibrant and enriching atmosphere where strong school spirit, a sense of belonging, and pride of accomplishment prevail. All students participate in opportunities across the Four Strands: Academics, Arts, Athletics and Service as our dedicated faculty help to prepare students for life beyond the walls of Collingwood. Ranked as one of the top five university preparatory schools in British Columbia, Collingwood retains a national reputation for athletics, speech and debate, experiential learning, local and global service projects, and a fully developed Advanced Placement program.


Our Senior School is committed to high quality education through our focus on our core values of Courage, Curiosity and Community. We take pride in ensuring strong relationships among students, teachers and the broader community and this is an intentional focus of our House system, Community programming, and advisory system. Students walking through our doors know that they are safe, seen and recognized.

Adolescent learners require a unique educational approach to ensure that their individual passions and interests are nurtured and supported. Through an extensive range of curricular choices, we provide personalized educational pathways and opportunities. Our current strategic focus on forward-focused learning ensures that learning experiences are experiential, and strengthened through student voice and agency.

Our co-curricular programming is a strength of our School. The quality and breadth of opportunities across the Four Strands–Academics, Arts, Athletics, and Service—including debate, leadership, STEM, and more, allows students the opportunity to engage in meaningful learning outside of the classroom, and to develop meaningful connections within our community.

We welcome you and your family for a visit so you can learn more about our programming, and get a sense of our community.

Martin Jones
Senior School Principal


Unique Timetable

Unique Timetable

Collingwood’s commitment to Forward Focused Learning allowed us to build a unique trimester timetable that supports hands-on, experiential learning experiences for our students with opportunities for Global Education and deep learning outside of classrooms, including our innovative Collingwood U.

University Guidance

University Guidance

Collingwood’s University Guidance office commits to meeting with every senior student, every year. Utilizing a listen-first approach to advising, students and their families are encouraged to explore post-secondary options with curiosity and creativity. Ultimately, this helps our graduates find their best-fit program, community and future path.



ExL is Collingwood’s Experiential Learning program for all Grade 8 and 9 students. Designed to help students develop personal awareness and social responsibility, ExL uses a variety of learning experiences and is aligned with the Personal and Social Core Competency from the BC Curriculum. Activities include experiential education, collaborative initiatives, physical activities and service opportunities.


Encounter is a student-led retreat for senior school students to gain personal insight and spend time making new connections. Students are invited to apply as “candidates” to experience the program. After completing Encounter themselves, students can apply to be student leaders on subsequent trips. Encounter is often cited as one of the most formative and meaningful events in a Collingwood Graduate’s career.

Expansive Co-curriculars to deepen learning


At the Senior School, a variety of co-curricular activities are offered for students spanning the Four Strands of Academics, Arts, Athletics and Service Learning.  Co-curricular offerings are a great way for students to explore the world around them and to discover personal passions.

Community Blocks

Community is one of our Collingwood values and as part of strengthening relationships with one another, we run Community Block programming throughout the course of the entire year. Unique to Collingwood, this dedicated time is allocated to build everyone’s sense of belonging and is woven through a diverse but intentional program that includes school initiatives, assemblies, EDI and SEL sessions, and team building activities. Assembled by “Houses”, our faculty and staff learn alongside senior students across all grades in an effort to model: the importance of pausing, to create authentic connections, and to improve a sense of belonging for everyone.

Our Voices

Student Testmonial

Daisy ‘23

The most unique aspect of Collingwood is the various extracurriculars the school offers. The school has a multitude of opportunities in each strand that support the student’s educational journey. I am passionate about leadership and sustainability, and I have been able to dive deeper into these passions through joining the Sustainability Council, taking up House Captain and Student Executive roles. 

science teacher

Ying Gu

Collingwood consistently looks for innovative ways to maximize learning, and we have dedicated faculty who are passionate about educational research.

Isabel '24

As a House Captain, I love having the ability to initiate student-led events and intramurals that my fellow peers can engage with. In my opinion, the opportunity to practice leadership in an applied setting is an invaluable learning experience.

Senior School Leadership

Martin Jones

Martin Jones

Senior School Principal
Jennifer Dousett

Jennifer Dousett

Director of Teaching, Learning & Innovation
Samantha Weiss

Samantha Weiss

Dean of Student Life and Leadership

Senior School Reception