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Senior School

At our Senior School Campus, 600 Grade 8-12 students learn in a vibrant and enriching atmosphere where strong school spirit, a sense of belonging, and pride of accomplishment prevail. All students participate in opportunities across the Four Strands: Academics, Arts, Athletics and Service as our dedicated faculty help to prepare students for life beyond the walls of Collingwood. Ranked as one of the top five university preparatory schools in British Columbia, Collingwood retains a national reputation for athletics, speech and debate, experiential learning, local and global service projects, and a fully developed Advanced Placement program.

Forward-Focused Learning at our Senior School 

Forward-focused learning is at the heart of everything we do. The development of innovative programs to explore and deepen the understanding of real-world applications align with inspired learning spaces for students to pursue their passions at Collingwood and discover their successful place in the world. 

We value connections with local and global experts to generate real-world experiences. Immersive experiential education experiences linked to the curriculum and extra-curricular programs allow our students to gain a significant academic advantage that can be applied beyond the walls of Collingwood. Deeper academic exploration, exposure to diverse cultures and countries, and service learning opportunities await our students so they can better understand our interconnected world. 

Partnering with students to reflect, design and personalize their unique learning goals empowers individual academic growth. We believe in meeting our students where they are and challenging them to reach their full potential. Our approach ensures that students are regularly involved in setting and reflecting on their goals and finding their voice when it comes to their own learning. 

Our Forward Focused approach to learning includes:

2-5-1 Trimester System

The creation of the 2-5-1 trimester model organizes students’ classes so that they have two classes in the first trimester, five classes in the second trimester and one class in the final trimester.

The first and third trimesters are utilized for scheduling of courses which offer opportunities for intensive study, more experiential learning and global education. This includes studio work (in art and design), hands-on laboratory study (in sciences), field trips that can involve overnight learning experiences or travel, connections with local partners to complete projects and guest speakers.

Collingwood U

As a means of offering increased personalization of learning, and further preparing students for a life beyond Collingwood, we have introduced CollingwoodU.

This learning opportunity allows the Grade 12 students to participate in targeted programming that builds skills and knowledge to support a successful transition to post-secondary learning and life beyond Collingwood.

House System

Our emphasis on creating a sense of belonging through community extends to our approach to pastoral care. Students at the Senior School are appointed to one of six Houses for the duration of their time here. The House system is used to support community building through frequent competitions and house events, and culminates with our annual House Olympics; this is a highlight for all students and staff.

Community Blocks/Advisory System

Many schools communicate and market their strong sense of community. But few dedicate time and effort into teaching, supporting and strengthening the skills and environment required for an authentic sense of community.

At Collingwood, our strong sense of community is something we do not take for granted and, therefore, we have been very intentional about the structure of our schedule and our educational programming.

Senior School Life

Our Voices

Student Testmonial

Daisy ‘23

The most unique aspect of Collingwood is the various extracurriculars the school offers. The school has a multitude of opportunities in each strand that support the student’s educational journey. I am passionate about leadership and sustainability, and I have been able to dive deeper into these passions through joining the Sustainability Council, taking up House Captain and Student Executive roles. 

science teacher

Ying Gu

Collingwood consistently looks for innovative ways to maximize learning, and we have dedicated faculty who are passionate about educational research.

Isabel '24

As a House Captain, I love having the ability to initiate student-led events and intramurals that my fellow peers can engage with. In my opinion, the opportunity to practice leadership in an applied setting is an invaluable learning experience.

Senior School Leadership

Martin Jones

Martin Jones

Senior School Principal
Jennifer Dousett

Jennifer Dousett

Director of Teaching, Learning & Innovation
Samantha Weiss

Samantha Weiss

Dean of Student Life and Leadership

Senior School Reception