Opportunities & Upcoming Events

We are celebrating Earth Week from Tuesday, April 23rd-Friday April 26th!  Round Square students and teachers have been working on preparing events, activities and themes for the week in alignment with the Round Square IDEALS of Environment, Adventure and Service.  Some highlights include:

Tuesday, April 23rd: Household Decisions: Power SMART, Water SMART

Earth Week Assembly - Round Square and Model UN are proudly presenting our guest speaker, Noah Katz, from the Plastic Bank.  There will also be friendly student Earth Week-themed competitions and an introduction to the events throughout the week.

The school will participate in a "Power Hour" where we will turn off the lights in the classrooms and minimize use of computers.  This is also encouraged to continue throughout the day and the week!

At lunch, students can make a Pledge to the Earth in the Commons.


Wednesday, April 24th: Food Choices

The Grade 8s will be spending the morning learning about plastic in our environment, contributing in a beach clean up and then returning back to school to participate in one of four offered Plastic Alternatives Workshops.

At lunch, students will be offered a variety of vegetarian options in the cafeteria.  As well, they are invited to try eating an alternative food source in the Commons!


Thursday, April 25th: Packaging Awareness

The Grade 9s will be spending the morning learning about plastic in our environment, contributing in a beach clean up and then returning back to school to participate in one of four offered Plastic Alternatives Workshops.

At lunch, students can fill their reusable water bottles with infused water as well as purchase a reusable metal straw in the Commons


Friday, April 26th: Plastic Bag Grab Challenge

We are concluding our Earth Week by hosting a House Competition: Plastic Bag Grab Challenge! Plastic Bags will be collected in the morning by house. House points will be awarded - the more plastic bags the more house points! The plastic bags collected will be recycled properly, contributing to the goal of fewer bags ending up in the landfill or environment.  Click here for more information on this nation-wide initiative!


Hungry For Change 2019

Hungry for Change is a school-based initiative designed to raise money, awareness and understanding for local and world famine and poverty. In order to participate, students are asked to fast for 12 hours (middle school) or 24 hours (senior school), to raise a minimum of $40 in pledges and to upload a picture of ‘What Hunger means to me’. Students will also participate in a mandatory after school activity on January 31st, designed to develop empathy and compassion for others. Upon completion of the 12 or 24 hour fast, handing in pledges, uploading the photo and participating in the after school activity, students will earn 10 hours of service.

For more information and to sign up, please click here.

This opportunity is available to a maximum of 18 Grade 8-9 students. 

The goals of the trip are:

  • Through workshops students will explore, recognize, and develop their current leadership qualities they already exhibit at school and to our community

  • Students will build support among peers  and begin to articulate plans for how to take on further leadership roles

  • Students and leaders will collaborate in the planning of the YRS events and initiatives

Please click on the Trips & Conferences tab to learn how to apply!

Write for Rights

"Every year around International Human Rights Day on December 10th, hundreds of thousands of people around the world send a letter or an e-mail on behalf of someone they’ve never met." - Amnesty International

This month of December, we are focusing on learning about Human Rights and we are going to be writing and drawing messages of support and hope to people who are standing up for our rights. 

Please come enjoy the display of these messages beginning Thursday, December 13th-Thursday December 20th in the Commons where they will be on display until we send them to Amnesty International to distribute.

If you are interested in writing a letter, please come to the Round Square meeting at lunch on Wednesday December 13th: Middle School in room 304 and Senior School in the mediascape room.

Click here for more information about this event hosted by Amnesty International.

We anticipate departing of the evening of April 9th and arriving in Lima the morning of April 10th.  We will get picked up at the airport and transported to Markham College School where we will be introduced to our host families. We will then travel outside of Lima to the small village of Chincha where we will spend 2 days building homes with and for families in need.  We will have 1 day of adventure (Surfing, white water rafting or mountain biking). We will then return to Lima where we will have 3 full conference days where the students will focus on leadership, democracy and the impacts of environment on the globe. After the final day of the conference, we will fly to Cusco where we will visit the Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu and the city of Cusco. On April 20th we will start our journey back to YVR via Lima and LAX.

Interested in applying? Speak with Ms. Gold or Ms. Field!

Please also visit http://www.rsrc2019.org/