RS Echo

EDI Update

2020 marks the year of change, most importantly our change in education. This year the Collingwood Student Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee was created. Stemming from the support of two teachers and six students the committee aimed to make crucial, impactful, and needed changes within the Collingwood community, and quickly realized these changes cannot be made without education. 

Since November, the EDI Committee has held “Courageous Conversations'' where everyone from students to teachers are invited to come share their thoughts, stories, and promote education through experience and conversation. Each conversation has prompts relating to how the Collingwood community can come together to battle injustices within the school. So far, the committee has been able to sit down with the Senior Boys Basketball team, the Debate Team, and the House Captains. 

Within the last couple of months, the EDI Committee has also worked alongside Alden, Collingwood’s EDI consultant. Alden has given appreciated and important advice to help guide the committee in making changes on every level of the school. 

With inspiration from Alden, the EDI Committee has launched the REALLY? Campaign, encouraging students to interrupt racism with terms as simple as “really?”.

The committee aims to continue advocating for change within the Collingwood Community.

Written by Sophia G.