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Waste Reduction Week 2020


A big thank you to Justine for ensuring the batteries were properly recycled!

From October 19th to 22nd, Collingwood’s Morven campus ran a battery drive. Collingwood’s Sustainability Council decided to create a schoolwide initiative to celebrate Waste Reduction Week, choosing to focus on batteries. Batteries contain toxic chemicals such as zinc and lead, which can leak into the environment if not properly disposed of, therefore it’s important to properly recycle them. We reached out to all students, faculty, and families, asking them to donate all used batteries to be properly disposed of. The event was a huge success, and we were able to collect and deliver the batteries to a depot, where they were responsibly recycled. Collingwood’s Sustainability Council will continue to organize other events throughout the year. 

Written by Jett Gleason, Grade 12 Student

The battery drive was a House Competition - congratulations to all Houses for bringing in the batteries!