Collingwood Reunited: Information & Learning Plan

In-Person Learning

Collingwood students will be placed into learning groups to limit the amount of close contacts they have. We believe that learning at school better meets the social-emotional needs of children than online learning. The Learning Groups provide a range of benefits for students including increased peer interaction and support and decreased feelings of isolation. As outlined by the Ministry, the maximum size of a learning group for Elementary students is 60 and the maximum size of a learning group for Secondary students is 120. Many learning groups at Collingwood are well below these numbers and we will never have gatherings in or out of learning groups that exceed 50 without physical distancing protocols. Please review our Restart Health and Safety document for further detail.

Temporary Remote Learning

We understand that some families are still not ready to return to school. We encourage families to review our Health and Safety FAQ as you consider your plans. We believe that learning at school better meets both the academic and the social-emotional needs of children more than remote learning. This temporary plan is a learn at home option with limited grade level support for those families not comfortable returning to school at this time. The success of each child’s learning program will largely depend on parent involvement, ownership and responsibility.  To clarify, this Remote Learning Plan will not be an online or hybrid learning model like last Spring. We are not permitted by the Ministry to offer a hybrid learning program at this time. This is meant to be a temporary program and will not extend for the full school year.