Parent Sessions

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  • JK - Grade 3 Parent Session - Tuesday, May 11
    Building resilience and self-soothing skills in your child.
    This session focuses on soothing strategies (for both parents and their children), emotional awareness, and emotion coaching skills that parents can use when their child is distressed, acting out, or shutting down. Strategies are also provide for building long-term resilience in children and families. 
  • Grade 4 - 7 Parent Session - Wednesday, May 12
    Teaching your child respect for self and others.
    This session focuses on tools that parents can use to encourage accountability in their child, take the feelings of others into consideration, and support their own growth. Parents will be provided with a framework that will help them balance their child’s needs for independence with their needs for comfort and reassurance, and help their child build healthy patterns of meeting their own needs while respecting the needs of others. 
  • Grade 8-9 Parent Session - Thursday, May 13
    Empowering your child to make healthy choices.
    This session focuses on understanding patterns of behaviour that manifest in teens and pre-teens that can lead to unhealthy habits (eg. With technology, food, schoolwork, chores) as well as unhelpful interactions with others (eg. Aggression, frustration, bullying, isolating). Tools are provided to parents for helping their children come out of these patterns and make choices that support themselves and the people around them. 
  • Grade 10-12 Parent Session - Friday, May 14
    Helping your teen manage uncertainty and change. 
    This session focuses on recognizing patterns of anxiety and depression in adolescents, and providing parents with tools to support their children to prevent and manage these patterns when they arise. Strategies are covered that help teenagers connect to their values and build resilience in the face of uncertainty.

translation service will be available for these upcoming parent presentations.