Executive Committee 2020-2021

If you are interested in learning more or getting involved, we encourage you to email our PC Chair at pcchair@mycw.org.


Chair Nemelia Winckler pcchair@mycw.org
Vice-Chair/Communications Athena Kondopulos pcvice@mycw.org
Treasurer Emma Arnell pctreasurer@mycw.org
Secretary Lisa Steiman pcsecretary@mycw.org
Wentworth Class Rep Liaison
JK - Grade 7
Kirsten Pejman classreps@mycw.org
Collingwood Connection Events Reem Pirbhai cwconnection2@mycw.org
Collingwood Connection Events Angela Fan cwconnection@mycw.org
Lunar New Year Coordinator Chee Chee Qi Zhu lunar@mycw.org
Parent Party Co-Chair Angela Cheng parentparty@mycw.org
Morven Grade Rep Liaison Grades 8 - 12 Pauline Anderson gradereps@mycw.org
Volunteer Coordinator Susan Bilbey pcvolunteers@mycw.org
PC Hospitality Kristen Langdon pchospitality@mycw.org
PC Hospitality Parishad Hafezi pchospitality2@mycw.org
Spring Fair Co-Chair Gemma Turner pcfair2@mycw.org
Spring Fair Co-Chair Kirsten Pejman pcfair@mycw.org
Past Chair Leslie Farrar pcpastchair@mycw.org
Unishop Coordinator Natasha Suleman unishop@mycw.org
Grade-Wide Book/Social Clubs Bernadette Mansour bookclubs@mycw.org
CO-CHAIRS & COORDINATORS (Off-Council PC Members)    
English Corner Coordinator Linda Feng Ling pcvolunteers2@mycw.org
Parent Party Co-Chair Bernadette Smyth parentparty2@mycw.org
Lunch Program Coordinator Linjin Ji lunchvolunteers@mycw.org
Unishop Co-Coordinator Vanessa Zhang unishop@mycw.org
Festive Day Sharon Huang festiveday@mycw.org
Festive Day Co-Coordinator Janelle Li festiveday2@mycw.org
Friends of Collingwood Business Connection Coordinator Matt Tipping businessconnections@mycw.org
Wentworth Virtual Engagement Support Camille Shariff cshariff@gmail.com