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School Spirit Surges At Cav Classic
David Speirs

Collingwood has always been known for its fantastic school spirit.  This is truly evident when our senior teams have big games.  Sadly, Collingwood's great senior boys and girls' basketball tournament, the Cav Classic, could not be played for two years due to the pandemic.  The event's return this past week reminded everyone how much fun it is to fill our gym and cheer on our teams.

Courtside seats are always at a premium at the Cav Classic.  (Photo by Blair Shier)

The thundersticks were a huge hit at this year's tournament. (Photo by Blair Shier)

As always 'The Cavalier' is a fan favourite.  (Photo by Blair Shier)

Big shots cause big reactions.  Cy's huge 3-pointer got the bench on its feet in the Pacific Academy game. (Photo by Blair Shier)

Once again the bench is on its feet after a big play. (Photo by Blair Shier)

Erika hits a running jumper against Carson Graham. (Photo by Ryan Tobin)

James H had an epic game against Pacific Academy. (Photo by Blair Shier)

Severin fights past a Carson forward. (Photo by Ryan Tobin)

Cy hit some clutch shots throughout the tournament. (Photo by Blair Shier)