Cavs Open Rugby Season With 88-21 Win
Cavs Open Rugby Season With 88-21 Win

The BC AA defending champions opened Lower Mainland league play against Bryne Creek, which was playing in its first ever league game. While Collingwood was not looking to crush a brand new program, the lack of any game time before the Cavs' upcoming Australian tour was a major issue that forced the coaches to field their strongest team for at least the first 12 minutes of the game. At this point, the substitutions started and by halftime the full bench had been rotated in. This means that everyone going to Australia has had at least a little contact under their belt before facing some tough opposition 'Down Under'.

The Cavs scored early and often as they built a quick 17-0 lead in the first six minutes with tries from Lucas Okano, Tyler Preston and Nate Holm. By halftime, the score was 52-0 with Owen Huston, Thomas Foote, Alex Ferreira, Graeme Neil-Klein and Bill Yao all scoring their first tries of the season.

The second half was much closer as Bryne Creek managed to score three fine tries of their own. Answering for Collingwood were Blaise Benoit (2), Shervin Etemadahari (2), Linus Hartner and Chase Soprovich. Blaise also displayed a lethal foot as he converted nine tries.

The coaches were very happy with this display as a number of players stepped up and showed they want to contend for starting positions on the team. The boys are back to practice for the rest of the week before their 11:45pm flight to Australia on Friday night.

Nate Holm has just returned from 7's duty for the BC U-18 team. He will be one of Collingwood's key backs this season.

Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival Results
Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival Results

Report from Corey Smith, Director of Instrumental Music:

I know it seems like forever ago, but it was only two weeks ago that the Sr. Jazz Band, Cara Dey and I boarded the bus at 6AM to drive down to Moscow, Idaho to compete in the Lionel Hampton Festival for the weekend. It was an incredibly intense festival with schools coming from all over the northwest region (and beyond!) to compete at a festival that has been running for 52 years. It is such an important part of some of these schools' programs that, unlike our local Kiwanis Festival where they give you the results immediately (based on a consensus by the 3 adjudicators on the panel), once your performance is done, the recording of your performance and adjudication is reviewed by ALL of the adjudicators at the festival (some of the largest names in Jazz Education in North America) to ensure that the scores are a proper and accurate reflection of your performance. As such, it takes two weeks for the official scores to be released and we just received them yesterday.

As a first time entrant into this festival, and with a fairly young band, I was hoping for a placement that was at least above the bottom quartile, and, if we were lucky, perhaps even in the top half of our category (we are in B category, competing against about a dozen schools with 600 students or fewer in Gr10-12). As you heard, Charlotte Anderson won an outstanding soloist award, and things keep going up from there. Although they haven't yet released rankings, they released the winners of the competition, and we are listed on the Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival Website as the runner ups (behind 2 winning scores), meaning we came in 3rd place with a strong silver medal ranking in our performance (only 3.65 points off Gold)! I wouldn't have dreamed of achieving these results for our first year down to a world class festival like this, and am SO proud of the kids for all of the hard work that they put into this. They really stepped it up and showed that our little school up in West Van can punch above our weight class, and we get to have our school name on that website for the rest of the year (only Winners and Runner-ups are featured), representing West Vancouver, Canada for all band teachers to see (and believe me, we ALL check this website every year)!


(you can see our name on the website that will be there for the whole year!)

Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival 2019

If you see any of the following students, please congratulate them on the excellent results!

Sr. Jazz Band (Idaho Roster):

Grade 12
  • Ryan Martin
  • Jay Ryu
  • Jason Tang
  • Jasper Wang
  • Steven Zhu

Gr 11

  • Charlotte Anderson
  • Taylor Groundwater
  • Rheanna Phillip
  • Riley Tam

Gr 10

  • Natalie Co
  • Selina Hung
  • Ryan Lewis

Gr 9

  • Oscar Chan
  • Alwyn Tong

Thank you all for your support of the program!

Collingwood Kitchen: Best In Show
Collingwood Kitchen: Best In Show

A new addition to the Spring Fair line up of events!

Do you have a favourite family recipe? Here's your opportunity to share the love (and show off a little)! We are looking for culinary submissions of all kinds - think pies, cookies, pastries, squares, granola, preserves and more! This friendly competition will be judged by a panel of faculty members. The winners (1st, 2nd, 3rd) of each category will be selected for the silent auction or sold by the piece to help raise funds at the Fair. Actual submissions will be due Friday, April 26th, the day before the Fair, for judging. Interested? Please click here for further details and to register or email Dani Fenton. We look forward to tasting your amazing creations!

Summer Institute 2019 Registration Open
Summer Institute 2019 Registration Open

Visit here for Summer Institute 2019 Information and to register.