Morven Campus Grade 8-12

Collingwood's Morven Campus houses our 600 Grade 8 to 12 students.

Students learn in a secure, vibrant and enriching atmosphere where strong school spirit, a sense of belonging, and pride of accomplishment prevail. With a dedicated faculty, all students participate in Academics, Arts, Athletics and Service — our Four Strands — which are essential to a good education and the growth of a well-rounded citizen.

Ranked as one of the top five university preparatory schools in British Columbia, Collingwood retains a national reputation for speech and debate, the performing arts, outdoor education, local and global service projects, and a fully developed Advanced Placement program.


As a university preparatory school, we strive for academic excellence and are dedicated to helping students reach levels of achievement that truly reflect their ability and effort.



Our Athletics program offers one of the largest selections of individual and team sports in British Columbia. Our athletes have won provincial titles in basketball, field hockey, rugby, skiing, soccer, snowboarding, swimming, tennis, track and wrestling.



The Arts are a meaningful part of student education, promoting creativity and self-expression while teaching patience and teamwork.

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Our Collingwood students want to be global citizens as well as local stewards and community partners. Our Service strand seeks to instill in our students a sense of awareness of social and environmental issues in our local and global communities through a balanced program.


University Guidance

Choosing the right fit for a university experience is the most important decision a student will make. University Guidance spends a great deal of time working with students to ensure they achieve their goals and meet their highest potential.



Explore, Collingwood School’s outdoor education program, facilitates a seasonal variety of outdoor experiences and skill progression for students. The program promotes self-discovery and a more holistic understanding of the natural world.



Martin Jones
Senior School Principal

Ms. Jennifer Dousett
Director of Teaching, Learning and Innovation

Ms. Samantha Weiss
Dean of Student Life and Leadership

Miss Nitasha Rajoo
Director Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Ms. Jennifer Adriaanse
Director of University Guidance

Heads of House

Alexa Grivakes
Head of Byrd House

David Pool
Head of Geer House

Lisa Bremner
Head of Groos House

Grant Harder
Head of Houssian House

Kimberly DesJardins
Head of Mackenzie House

Kevin Waterhouse
Head of Senft House