Junior Kindergarten: our shared vision

In the Junior Kindergarten program, at Collingwood School, we believe that all students have the right to be in a safe, nurturing, and inclusive environment, where they will be encouraged to explore their interests, and where their individual needs are met.

Through our play-based Reggio-inspired program, experienced educators will guide students through the key areas of learning including: well-being and belonging, exploration and creativity, social responsibility and diversity, and languages and literacies. We will also help bridge a connection to nature through gardening, learning in the outdoors, and caring for and respecting the environment.

We believe in creating a culture of respect for self and others, where students learn to be responsible and independent, are given the social skills to build and sustain relationships, and where students feel safe to make mistakes for these are seen as learning opportunities.

Through observations and interactions, educators will document the students’ learning. Documentation (collection of notes, photos, and student work)will be used as a means to revisit past learning, connect to present investigations, and to guide future inquiries.

We believe that our students learn from each other and with each other, which is why we foster collaboration and teamwork. As educators, we value the connection that we have with the families and the community. We welcome the families’ input, embrace the knowledge they bring, and recognize that their cultural backgrounds and experiences enrich our program.

Our program’s aim is to instill a love of learning through authentic experiences, to teach students to be problem solvers and critical thinkers, and to prepare them to be active local and global citizens.

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