WVPD Speaker Series
WVPD Speaker Series

These talks are hosted by our West Vancouver Police Department, in coordination with our Parents' Council, in order for parents to gain current information on these relevant topics. There is no cost to attend but we ask you to register as seating is limited in the library classroom.

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Our first session is Thursday, April 11, 9:00am at the Morven Campus in the Karim Library classroom.

Topic: Legislation Surrounding Cannabis
Thursday, April 11, 9:00am
Karim Library Classroom, Morven Campus

This discussion will cover the legal and legislative changes dealing with the legalization of Cannabis. The discussion will centre around what is legal and illegal in regards to Cannabis possession and consumption. Topics covered will also include: minors in possession of cannabis, cultivation of Cannabis, and motor vehicle offences related to Cannabis. Please note that this session will not address health concerns related to Cannabis consumption.

Topic: West Vancouver Police Services
Thursday, May 9th: 9:00am
Karim Library Classroom, Morven Campus

The West Vancouver Police has many sections and programs designed to better serve our community. This discussion provides parents with an overview of all police programs that could help them and their children. It also provides an opportunity for parents to ask questions about the different policing sections. This includes school liaison officers, Block Watch coordinators, and victim service works to name a few. Come and find out what programs our local WVPD have to offer local families to build a strong and safe community.

Topic: Summer/House Party Youth Issues
Thursday, May 23rd: 9:00am
Karim Library Classroom, Morven Campus

This discussion deals with a variety of youth policing issues that become more prevalent during the summer. The Liquor Control and Licensing Act, underage drinking, and other youth-related concerns will be discussed. This session is timed so as to address questions and concerns from parents that might come up throughout the summer.