World Scholar's Cup
World Scholar's Cup

Last weekend some of our students participated in the World Scholar's Cup and came home with a few medals. Well done!

Here's a list of many of the awards our students received:

Debate Champions Medal: 3rd Jena ; 5th Athens: 7th Anisa

Writing Champions Medal: 11th Jena; 24th Anisa; 26th Athens

- Arts Medal: Anisa; Jena
- Social Studies Medals : 3rd Jena
- Science Medals: Athens
- Special Area : 3rd Athens
- All Subjects : Jena; Athens

Top Debate Teams: 1st Jena, Anisa, Athens

Top Writing Team: 2nd Jena Anisa Athens

School Top Scholar: Jena

Champion Scholars Medal: 2nd Jena; 6th Athens; 8th Anisa

Vancouver Round Overall Team: 5th Jena Anisa, Athens