Well Done!
Well Done!

Congratulations are in order for our debate team who competed at the West Point Grey's Academy World Affair Debate Tournament and to our students who attended the World Scholar's Cup at Yale last weekend.

Debate Update

This weekend, we brought a multi-grade team—Eve P. (Gr. 11), Jodie S. (Gr. 10), and Olivia X. (Gr. 9)—to compete at WPGA's World Affairs Debate Tournament. It was their first time competing in "World Style" debate, and we approached it as a learning opportunity; needless to say, we were thrilled with the results:

Team: Third Place, Senior Division

Individual: Eve P., First Place Senior Speaker


This House believes that universities should use only anonymous entry tests as their criteria for admissions.

This House would punish parents who smoke in the presence of their children.

This House believes that liberal democracies should ban far right parties.

This House prefers a world without any conception of gender over a world with gender identities.

Tami Lyon & Brad Jolliffe

World Scholar's Cup

This House believes that when peaceful protesters are met with disproportionately violent government responses, they should respond with violence.I am sending a quick note to update you on our progress at the Yale - Tournament of Champions for World Scholar's Cup. First of all, the World Scholar's Cup is an academic competition which involves skill in debate, essay writing and academic knowledge. Three grade 9 students, Athens W., Jena Y. and Anisa M. participated in the global round of this competition in Melbourne, Australia during the summer and qualified to go to Yale for the final Tournament of Champions (Nov 16-20). They have competed over the last few days against Senior students (they were placed in the senior category) who are also winners of the global rounds which take place in three countries and come from all over the world.

While we do not have all of their results, these girls worked very hard and won two out of three debates. They debated against a team from Kenya on the topic of, "Social media should allow us to rate people on the quality of their friendship." They won the debate and could not refrain from hugging their opposing team members at the end! Tami and Brad would have been proud to witness their solid arguments, refutations and debate flair. Athens W. was also selected to be part of a debate panel at the debate showcase.

This evening it was with sad hearts that Athens, Jena and Anisa said goodbye to friends they made in both Melbourne and New Haven and with whom they plan to keep in touch. Please join me in congratulating them on their determination to pursue and achieve academic excellence!

Best wishes,

Maureen Duteau