Tofino Surf & Service Trip
Tofino Surf & Service Trip

Last week a group of Grade 7 students visited Tofino for our annual Surf & Service Trip. This trip embodies the Round Square ideals of Environmentalism, Adventure and Service.

Students were guided through surf lessons with Surf Sisters where 12 out of 12 students managed to actually stand up on their boards! In service, students worked cleaning touch tanks and participated in a beach clean-up.

Many thanks to our teacher leaders Erin Button, Jeff Stacey and Grant Harder for leading the kids through this amazing adventure.

Student & Teacher Reflections:

Going on the surf trip was one of the best choices I've ever made! Not only did we go surfing, but we also cleaned the touch tanks in the Ucluelet Aquarium and did a beach cleanup. I would like to thank Mr. Stacey, Mr. Harder and Ms. Button for making this trip possible, and everyone else who came on this trip for being so supportive and amazing and funny! - Jessica Y.

The Surf and service trip was a fun and exhilarating experience which I would recommend to everyone in Wentworth. This trip taught me about respecting the ocean and why we should always protect our environment. It also taught me about the science and social community behind surfing and the culture in Tofino. Overall this trip was an amazing experience and I would definitely do it again. - Sebastian A.

Tofino is one of my favorite places on earth. I spend most of my free time enjoying the rugged scenery and amazing surf that Tofino has to offer. It is very special for me to bring students in a place I love so much. This year, I saw each and every student stand up on their surf boards and hit some stellar waves! It is very cool to see students enjoy and appreciate Tofino as much as I do. I was also impressed to see how involved the students got when we did our service initiatives. They did an amazing job cleaning up Florencia Bay beach, a beautiful remote beach tucked away just outside of Ucluelet. They also got their hands dirty while volunteering at the local aquarium. This trip is one of my favorites; it is a great way to connect with students, take in the beautiful scenery, learn to surf, and give back to a place that is so uniquely beautiful. - Erin Button