Regional Science Fair
Regional Science Fair

Congratulations to the following students for a job well down at the recent Greater Vancouver Regional Science Fair.

Student: Henry S.
Project name: Discovering the impact of varying viscosity on the volume dispensed in a microfluidic airway-on-a-chip device
Competition placement: Bronze Medal in the Intermediate Division

Specialty Awards:
1. Games Developer Innovation Award
2. UBC Engineering Award

Student: Gabrielle B.K. and Eve P.
Project Name: FishFed

1. Honourable Mentions
2. Game developer Award

Student: Selina Z.
Project Name: How Stressed are you?
Competition Placement: Gold Medal in the Senior Division

Specialty Awards:
1. UBC Statistics Award

Selina has also been selected at 1 of the 17 students to represent BC in the Canada-Wide Science Fair Competition held May 16 - May 18 in Ottawa. This is a remarkable achievement and a true testament to Selina's abilities; especially given the fact that she has been selected for the second year in a row.