Recent Student Achievements
Recent Student Achievements

RoboCavs: VEX World Championships

An incredible team of 7 RoboCavs represented Collingwood School at the VEX Robotics World Championships in Louisville, Kentucky. The team built a world-class robot that performed several autonomous scoring programs as well as a driver-controlled program. The team played competitively at the world competition, demonstrating excellent leadership, teamwork, communication, innovation, designing, reflecting, building, coding, and problem-solving skills.

Reach for the Top
Provincial Tournament, April 27

Five students from Grades 9-11 competed in the Senior Provincial Reach For the Top competition against mostly Grade 11 and 12 students. We came out of Round-Robin 2nd out of 22 teams and lost a couple of close games in the Semis and then Bronze medal match and finished in 4th place. This was quite the feat for a young team consisting of mostly rookies to Reach for the Top!

BC Youth Week

Congratulations to the following Collingwood students for their awards:

Youth Recognition
Rebecca Davey – Grade 9
Armaan Gill – Grade 10

Youth Community Enhancement
Cindy Ren – Grade 11
Liana Gerber – Grade 11
Kris Suri – Grade 11

Outstanding Youth Team
Eve Parry – Grade 10
Melisa Baulm – Grade 10
Caitlin Gordon – Grade 12
Maryam Jafari-Amjad – Grade 10
Gabrielle Bourgault Kennaley – Grade 10
Olivia Bosa – Grade 12
Jaimie Chrystal – Grade 12
Megan Mauro – Grade 12
Oscar Zhang – Grade 12
George Chen – Grade 12
Zakir Jiwani – Grade 12
Leon Zhou – Grade 12
Caden Simmons – Grade 12

Special recognition goes to Devin Washington in Grade 7 and her participation with the GIVE ME FIVE youth speakers' series, a showcase of public speaking and leadership skills through a 5-minute presentation about something students are passionate about. Devin presented her speech about Women's Equality in front of the Mayor, Council and community members. Congratulations Devin!!