Grade 9 Explore
Grade 9 Explore

Week 1

Week 2

Week 1:

The week of December 4th was the first week of Grade 9 Winter Explore! Wednesday morning the students set off to Whistler Olympic Park for their 2 night winter camping adventure. With little snow most of the ski trails were closed but we still made the best of it, designed some alternate activities and had a successful trip. The weather conditions, however, were ideal for winter camping making setting up camp fun and comfortable. Students took part in a little Nordic skiing, touring the Olympic ski jump facility and participating in an Olympic Biathlon experience using adaptive Sport Eko Rifles (both special activities for this week). They immersed themselves in the activities, winter camping, and learning about snow hazards. They were engaged in the Explore Survival Game and enjoyed learning about the ten winter camping essentials.

Highlights: Playing "wagon wheel tag" on the Wednesday day hike; Learning about and using the Eko rifles in the biathlon range, a great ski jump tour and learning about ski jumping, awesome student led lessons, playing mafia, campfires and crazy frost crystals, cross country and skate skiing and some marvellous stars each night! Students delivered thorough as well as some humorous student-led lessons on topics such as winter warmth and leave no trace camping.


Week 2:

December 11-14 was the second week of Gr9 Winter Explore! Wednesday morning the students set off to Whistler Olympic Park for what was supposed to be a 2 night winter camping adventure but with the weather conditions being quite different than the previous Explore week, they returned to school Thursday afternoon.Our students experienced a memorable night of winter camping with an incredible 50cm of snow falling on their camp overnight! Once they woke up and dug themselves out of their tents, another 25cm fell over the morning before they departed back to school. This may have been a record for snowfall in our grade 9 program over 1 night. Thursday morning, students enjoyed a classic ski, a lodge lunch and everyone pitched in to dig out the bus and van for departure. Friday, students spent the day with the Explore team on campus having a fun, educational day and completing the program's learning objectives.


All the snow!!!! Snowshoeing in fresh snow, Building snow kitchens and slides, skiing, digging out the bus, an epic snowshoe race, wagon wheel tag, "creating their own trail, initially led by Eva, making what they labelled as the "black diamond snowshoe trail", fantastic student led lessons, great teamwork building snow tables for dinner and thoughtful discussions after playing survival game.

Teacher's highlight: waking up in the wee hours to shovel out the tents (yes that is a tent below) for the students so when they woke up they could get out easily. Don't worry they still had to pitch in ;)

Below are our week 2 award winners. This is a major accomplishment for students. Please congratulate them if you teach them or see them in the halls.