Grade 7 Exchange
Grade 7 Exchange

Grade 7 Hackley School Exchange Program 

Last month, six Grade 7 students travelled to New York to take part in a wonderful new adventure. These students were presented with a fantastic opportunity to participate in an exchange program with Hackley School in Tarrytown, New York, a school within the Round Square network. Collingwood students were paired with a Hackley School host family for the week and attended classes with their buddies Monday through Friday. The Collingwood students were given a chance to experience the life of a Hackley student for a full week, and on weekends were shown around the local sites. In turn, most of the Hackley exchange students will travel to Vancouver next month to take in the life of a Collingwood student. Below is a short reflection from each of our amazing Grade 7 travellers:

"When I was at Hackley it was a great experience, and it was enriching to be part of another culture. A star of my trip was being able to learn about all the history in New York City, as its roots go back much farther than Vancouver's." (D. B.) 

"Overall, I think that the New York trip was not only a lot of fun for me but also a great learning experience.  Though there were a lot of parts that were casual, there were some challenges along the way. For example, the math there was very different from what we study at Collingwood. It was challenging to be learning something that was more difficult than what we usually learn in school. Another part that was tricky about this trip was adapting to the time zone" (A. H.)

"The exchange trip to New York was very enlightening because I saw how different education systems were in different countries. A good example was the language learning difference. In Collingwood, we only have the option to learn French because it is the second language of Canada, but at Hackley, they had options of learning French, Mandarin, Latin, and Spanish. Although their French was not as advanced compared to ours, they had more options which made the school more rounded as a whole..." (M. L.)

"I did enjoy several aspects of my trip - eating classic New York street food, seeing Times Square and the Rockefeller Christmas Tree, taking the subway and seeing the architecture of the city. At school, I loved the lessons I was more able to take part in - Latin especially..." (F. W.) 

"Experiences can change us, recreate us, and shape the way we see everything. This trip to New York did just that for me. My host family was absolutely amazing, always making sure that I had everything that I needed. They were so kind and loving, and they became my second family.  Our families were so similar in many ways and I knew that they were the right fit. My host student and I became friends instantly, as we had a lot in common. It was like I had a sister. I was able to create new connections with her friend group I found it quite easy to make new friends at Hackley, as everyone was so welcoming and kind. I really loved being in a new environment,  stepping out of my comfort zone, and taking risks. The school curriculum was a bit different, a little more advanced and it was a little tricky to pick up on the things that we had not learned yet. The school and landscape were so beautiful and I loved seeing all the differences and similarities that Hackley had from Collingwood." (O. C.)

"I feel that the exchange program is a great experience to learn different ways of learning...the dates we went weren't that good as the Hackley students were finishing exams." (J. L.)