Drumline Provincial Championships
Drumline Provincial Championships

It was quite the day for the Collingwood Cavaliers Drum Corps at the 2019 Canadian Drum Line Association Provincial Championships yesterday! There were over 15 drum lines in attendance from all over the province all having a stellar show prepared. We also got to see an American program who were brought in for an exhibition performance. Collingwood competed in the afternoon in the highest category against some the best marching drum lines in the province, including Sardis Secondary (Chilliwack) A.L. Fortune (Enderby) and MEI (Abbotsford).

Last year we placed 6th (last in our category, but still 6th out of 15; higher than expected for a first year entry), but we learn quick, and with our improved technique and new show, we edged out the Sardis Secondary Drumline for a 2nd place finish, loosing out only to MEI (who remain undefeated at BC provincials)! For a second-year drumline to be competing with these very well established programs (most with 3+ coaches, 3+ hours of rehearsals every week, 10+ years experience and all with Feeder School Drumlines) and finishing 2nd IN THE PROVINCE speaks volumes about the amount of work and dedication that the students have put in, and should be commended on their achievement. We still have a long ways to go to get to the top, but at this rate, it won't be long before we are giving MEI a run for their money!

Thank you all for your support this year, and a huge thank you to Kevin Waterhouse for making time to drive the crew all the way to and from Abbotsford! !e look forward to presenting our show to the school at this years Arts Week assembly!


Corey Smith

P.S. We DEFINITELY won the best uniforms... the hats are a HUGE hit!