Congratulations, Jerry!
Congratulations, Jerry!

Congratulations to Jerry whose essay, entitled "The Ethics of Mandatory Vaccines: Why Governments Should Take the Plunge", has been selected for publication in the University of Toronto journal, Dialexicon.

  • Dialexicon is a journal published by the University of Toronto.
  • It seeks to "close the gap in high-quality philosophy resources for young people, offering a platform tailored to middle and high school students who are interested in philosophy."
  • Biannually, Dialexicon accepts essay submissions from high school students across Canada about specific, prescribed topics to be reviewed by a panel consisting of UofT philosophy faculty, graduate students, and debate coaches. In each edition, only five essays are selected for publication.
  • Not only was Jerry's essay one of only five to be selected for publication, but he will also be featured on the UofT philosophy department's homepage, and will be interviewed to discuss his paper and philosophy.

Jerry's essay will be available to read on the Dialexicon website next month, stay tuned!