Congratulations, Debaters!
Congratulations, Debaters!

Our Morven debaters had a fantastic weekend recently at the Debate Regionals! These students have put in an incredible amount of time practicing and we congratulate them and all of our students who participated.

The Novice category is for Grade 8 and below, Junior is Grade 9 and below, and the Senior category is for Grade 10-12.

Xiaobo Z. – 4th place Novice (10th place Junior team)
Coco W. – 3rd place Novice and 8th place Junior (10th place Junior team)
Zac W. – 2nd place Novice and 6th place Junior (2nd place Junior team)
Matthew Y. – 1st place Novice and 3rd place Junior (2nd place Junior team)
Jerry Z. – 10th place Senior
Evelyn T. – 9th place Senior (3rd place Senior team)
Anna D.– 7th place Senior (3rd place Senior team)

With these incredible results, Coco and Xiaobo are 2nd alternates to go to Provincials, and the teams of Matthew and Zac, and Evelyn and Anna, are guaranteed spots at Provincials. Also, a big congratulations to Harrison C., Chloe Y., Zena S., Steven L., Sansan S., Claire D., Avani A., Caden H., and Alvin C., who all competed.

Special thanks to our Collingwood Debate coaching team, Kyla Chau, Tami Lyon, and Andrew Woodward.