The Collingwood School Board of Governors was first created in 1989. The Mission of the Board of Governors is to provide support and resources to enable Collingwood School to supply the total learning environment necessary for it to graduate students who set the highest standard for excellence, moral and ethical character and leadership. Their goals are to improve the national image of Collingwood School; improve student quality; improve education; enhance camaraderie between the school and alumni; develop long term plans to further support the current level of financial security and to maintain excellence in technology.

Farzana AdatiyaRichard Harris
Dr. Haneef AlibhaiAshlee Lewis
Jillian Bice-Campbell, Chair, Parents' CouncilDoug Mason, Vice Chair
Etienne BrusonChristopher Philps
David Bustos, Past ChairSecretary, Ali Pirbhai
Debby CarreauDan Sander, Chair, Alumni Association
James ClayDavid Smith
Patti DaumBrent Wolverton, Chair
Fiesal Ebrahim

Board Committees

Finance Committee - Patti Daum
Foundation/Society Structure Committee - John O'Neill
Governance Committee - Richard Harris
Head Support and Evaluation Committee - Brent Wolverton
Human Resources Committee - Etienne Bruson
Land Committee - Chris Philps
Nominating Committee - Ashlee Lewis