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Tartan Fund

The pursuit of passions is integral to the Collingwood student experience. It is through your support of our Tartan Fund, Collingwood's annual fund, that we are able to provide enriched resources and learning tools, innovative partnerships, program enhancements and facility upgrades that make Collingwood an exceptional place for ALL our students to pursue their passions for a better world. Every gift matters, every gift makes a difference to our students.  

 Help us say, “Yes!” 




Tax receipts are issued for donations $20.00 or more.

The Tartan Fund provides us with the power of “YES!”

The Tartan Fund is Collingwood School’s annual fundraising campaign. The funds we raise support exceptional learning across all four stands and both campuses. 

By saying YES to our Tartan Fund, you enable Collingwood to say YES to programs and resources that we simply could not otherwise afford. Because of your donations, we are able to provide transformational learning experiences supported by enriched resources and learning tools, innovative partnerships, program enhancements and facility upgrades that make Collingwood an exceptional place for all of our students to pursue their passions for a better world. Every gift makes a difference to our students. 


"The dance program with Hip Hop Jerome has had a powerful impact on our students. Students leave the lessons smiling and have an understanding that dance is for everybody, and specifically, it is no longer just a way to move your body for 'girls only'."

"Being an artist allows me to make sense of the world and tell my story."

"The Jiu Jitsu program with Roll Academy has enabled students to participate in a sport and develop skills together with local community coaches who they otherwise may not be exposed to or be aware exists. It allows the door to be opened to another way of moving and connecting with their bodies, their peers and community programs."


Why is your support of the Tartan Fund integral to our students’ success?

Every gift to our Tartan Fund fuels our students learning and growth. Like all non-profit independent schools, tuition and government grants only covers the cost of staff and operations. We rely on your generosity to our Tartan Fund, to provide the diverse array of enhanced educational resources that bring to life Collingwood’s four-strand education at both campuses. That is why our goal is 100% participation within our Collingwood community. Every gift ensures that we are able to inspire and support our students toward meaningful lives.

How Does the Tartan Fund Work?

While the Tartan Fund is open to donations year-round, we focus our fundraising efforts during Tartan Week, which this year is November 21st -28th. By requesting gifts at this time it ensures we are meeting the needs of our students within the current school year. We encourage all members of our community to donate in a way that is meaningful for you. 


"The soccer program with TOCA has had an incredible impact on our students through connecting students with local community instructors and coaches that they get to know, and ideally be more comfortable and confident to connect with outside of school."

"I love having a chance to create something where I am the director of that creation."

"The great thing about the Collingwood Athletics program is that there are so many choices.  There is literally a sport for everyone, whether it be team or individual."

"Art is essential to expressing what it means to be human."


Collingwood School Foundation Charitable Number: BN 86868 0760 RR0001

We proudly contribute to the Tartan Fund to support our School’s program growth and student experiences.  


Seven years ago, we chose Collingwood because we were looking to ensure our kids were actively engaged and excited by their learning. We were seeking an impactful and enriched educational experience and were impressed by the immersive environment and diverse opportunities that Collingwood offered. 

As newcomers to an independent school environment, we quickly learned that the remarkable experience at Collingwood is made possible by the generous support of its community. We are grateful for the parents who came before us, who worked tirelessly to support and build the outstanding school our students now enjoy. 

We have been consistently impressed by the quality and depth of programs, the resources and facilities, and most importantly, by the dedicated teachers who bring each class, club, and activity to life. Our children have flourished at Collingwood thanks to the passionate teachers and unparalleled opportunities our school provides. 

Our support for the Tartan Fund stems from a desire to give back and to invest in the current needs, as well as the future of our School. We support the Tartan Fund because:

  • We value the comprehensive and engaging learning experience our children receive.
  • We want to empower our dedicated teachers and staff to continually enhance their programs.
  • Collingwood excels in meeting the needs of our family’s diverse learners and engaging them in unique ways.
  • We have seen the positive impact Collingwood has had on our children and our family. 
  • We want to show our appreciation and support the school’s ability to continually make this positive impact.

Our oldest son's experience in his first year of university solidified our appreciation for Collingwood. He has frequently expressed how well-prepared and confident he feels, thanks to the support and dedication of his Collingwood teachers. Hearing him spontaneously reflect on the impact of his Collingwood education with valued appreciation has been extremely fulfilling.

I hope that every family who chooses Collingwood will also choose to support our School through the Tartan Fund. As members of this independent school community, it is vital that we invest in our school's growth and development, following in the footsteps of those who have done so before us, to our benefit. 

Participation showcases family support for the extraordinary work our teachers and staff put in every day; it demonstrates the strength and unity of choosing to be a member of our school community; and it makes a meaningful impact on our School’s ability to innovate and continually provide an exceptional learning experience across our student body. 

Please join us and contribute.    - Leslie F.


Thank You

Thank you for your support of Collingwood school and our students. Because of you, we can ensure our students have the exceptional tools and resources they need to pursue their passions and lead meaningful lives. Gifts of any size are valued and welcomed. Click here to read our donor report and view our videos.