Advancement Team

Students are at the heart of Collingwood and that is why ensuring support to make students' dreams, ambitions and ideas happen is a priority. The visionary support of Collingwood families, alumni, friends and faculty delivers a superlative student experience that is current, relative and always driving to the cutting edge. Our donor community instills in Collingwood students a sense of responsibility to collaborate, share and inspire to make the greatest impact. Philanthropy at Collingwood is more than donations that provide outstanding programs and more than services in contemporary and well-equipped facilities. It is an ethos that is woven fundamentally into who we are and that the entire community intentionally engages in and participates in, ensuring the daily success of the school. Our team Is here to answer your questions, assist you in directing your gifts to Collingwood.

Kathryn Slemko
Director of Advancement and Alumni Relations
604.925.3331 ext. 2041

Kathryn looks forward to building meaningful relationships with the community here at Collingwood. As a fundraiser, Kathryn takes pride in helping people connect their dreams with causes that are meaningful to them. One of the great things about her job is it allows for collaboration with parents, faculty, staff, students and alumni on projects throughout the school, making connections and finding new opportunities.

Philanthropy has always been a part of Kathryn’s life. A background in the Arts and with non-profits has instilled a desire to support those around her and to make a positive difference in the world.