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Students are at the heart of Collingwood. We aim to inspire and support young people for meaningful lives and that is why ensuring support to make students' dreams, ambitions and ideas happen is a priority. To make this a reality, we need your help.

At independent schools, tuition and government grants pay for staff compensation and operating costs only. Collingwood, like other nonprofits, must fundraise to provide enriched programs, special teaching resources and facility improvements—all of which make our school an incredible place to learn.

The Collingwood community has a strong culture and history of giving. From making the Wentworth Campus a reality, to revisioning Morven, supporting enhancements to programming like our Grade 5 Band Program to participation in our annual Tartan Fund, our community has come together to support our students and ensure our community will flourish.

Donations to our Tartan Fund support every area of the school and every student. An unrestricted annual fund, Tartan Fund donations will be directed to priority areas that have an immediate and lasting impact on students’ learning and growth. Through your annual gift you will be providing our students with the best possible tools and resources to pursue their passions and inspire them to lead meaningful lives. We encourage all members of our community to give to the Tartan Fund in a way that is meaningful for them, our goal is 100% family participation.

Philanthropy at Collingwood is more than donations that provide outstanding programs and more than services in contemporary and well-equipped facilities. It is an ethos that is woven fundamentally into who we are and that the entire community intentionally engages in and participates in, ensuring the daily success of the school.

To learn more about our philanthropic initiatives please contact Rebecca Kerbel, Executive Director, Advancement at

Thank you for your support,

Rebecca Kerbel
Executive Director of Advancement

Collingwood School Society Charitable Number: BN 10778 4399 RR0001
Collingwood School Foundation Charitable Number: BN 86868 0760 RR0001

Why is Giving Important?

Like all non-profit independent schools, tuition and government grants cover operating costs and compensation only. We therefore rely on donors’ generosity to fund enriched programs and learning resources; technology for instructional and co-curricular needs and health and wellness essentials. These are the resources and programs that make Collingwood’s four-stranded approach an exceptional one and ensures our students have the tools to build meaningful lives.

Advancement Team

Advancement at Collingwood is focused on supporting our students, alumni and community.

Through fundraising we are able to provide our students with the best possible tools and resources needed to pursue their passions.

Through Alumni Relations we are able to connect our alumni to our current student community, to our families and to other alumni around the world, strengthening the Collingwood connection.

We look forward to hearing from you and working together to building our community together!

Rebecca Kerbel

Rebecca Kerbel

Executive Director of Advancement
Khushboo Moolchandani

Khushboo Moolchandani

Associate Director of Advancement
Nadia Afshar

Nadia Afshar

Advancement Database Officer

Catherine Brent

Advancement Alumni Coordinator