Wine Wall

New to this Fall’s Gala is the ‘Wine Wall’ – a game of chance that allows you the opportunity to take home a special, surprise bottle of wine!

In order to ‘stock’ our Wine Wall, we need your help and are organizing a bottle drive amongst our Collingwood parent community.

Bottles of red wine, white wine, sparkling wine or Champagne will all be gratefully accepted! And in keeping with the theme of this being Collingwood’s 35th Anniversary celebration, we encourage bottle donations to have an approximate value of $35+.

We will be collecting your generous bottle donations at all the Parent Socials taking place between September 16 and October 1. Please look for our Gala volunteers as you arrive to your Social!

Alternatively, donations towards the ‘Wine Wall’ may be made with an online purchase at Everything Wine (see here for specific details), or if you prefer, cash donations will be collected and then used to stock the wall.

Thank you in advance for your support of the ‘Wine Wall’ at the Collingwood Gala.