The Grade 9 Explore program is divided up between two trips starting with the winter trip and ending with a spring trip.

In the winter, students enjoy a winter camping experience at the beautiful Whistler Olympic Park. Students practice navigation, and basic first aid, while snowshoeing and they learn the new skill of skate skiing at an Olympic venue. Throughout the trip safe decision making, prudent backcountry travel techniques including avalanche awareness and leadership though student lessons are cultured.

Spring is the students’ culminating Explore experience for Collingwood’s middle school. With more leadership opportunities and independence, students challenge themselves to not only lead their peers but also try new activities. For this trip, students choose between sea kayaking in and around Gabriola Island or coastal hiking along the Juan de Fuca Trail. Students have more ownership over the trip and practice leadership through student led lessons while also learning how to give and receive feedback.


Due to COVID-19, the Grade 9 Spring program has been cancelled for the 2019-20 school year.  Grade 9 Explore’s next program will be the Winter program which takes place over three weeks in December 2020 and January 2021.  Specific weeks for this program to be announced this Spring.

All students are required to participate in both winter and spring Explore as part of their overall Collingwood academic program. Explore covers significant portions of both Physical Health Education curriculum as well as reflective writing samples for English and the Core Competencies. Collingwood believes wholeheartedly in the value of Explore as a vital part of the overall Grade 9 year therefore participation in Explore 9 is also a requirement for the Collingwood Certificate upon graduation. Only those students who are medically excused and/or have permission from the Head of Morven for rare and extenuating circumstances will be excused from participation. Those students will also be required to complete a make-up assignment for curriculum missed.

Please email if your child has any legitimate scheduling conflicts.

We look forward to seeing you at the Parent Meeting in November 2020. Date to be determined this spring.  This meeting is extremely important for your child’s success in the program. Please make every effort to attend. You can contact us at or 604‐925‐3331 ext. 1202 or with any questions or concerns.