Leadership 11

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Leadership 11

Leadership 11 is an exciting course for credit that is designed for students who wish to develop their leadership skills, abilities to motivate others, attain self-awareness in their interactions with others, and ultimately improve their self-confidence in leadership situations. It is designed for Grade 10 or 11 students who are independent and self-motivated learners. This course is scheduled out of the timetable and students have one year to complete it. The course has four elements: Leadership Seminars, a Senior School Explore Expedition, Choose Your Own Leadership, and creating a Leadership Weebly Portfolio that highlights the students' reflections from these experiences.

Leadership Seminars

Throughout the year, there will be 7-9 seminars which will occur approximately once a month after school from 3:20-5pm with the exception of the first seminar which will be an overnight retreat early September. These seminars are mandatory and students will find them dynamic and interactive. Some of the themes will be: definitions of Leadership, Personal Leadership, Leadership qualities, Leading Others and Team Building, Situational Leadership, Community-Ship, Leadership Decision Making, Stages of Group Development, Tips and Tools of Leadership, and a Leadership Debate.

Senior School Explore Expedition

Students must complete a Senior School Explore Expedition as a culminating activity to complete the course. A non-refundable deposit for their expedition is due upon acceptance into the course. These trips create a chance for students to take what they’ve learned in theory and apply it in a real, safe and practical scenario. The options vary from year to year and past expeditions have included Tall Ships, Sayward Lake Chain Canoe trip, Sea Kayaking in Nootka Sound, and a Tofino Surf and Service trip on the West Coast. There are two trips offered for students to sign up for including a Gulf Islands Tall Ships expedition in October and a Sayward Lake Canoe expedition in May. These 5-6 day trips will focus on peer leadership, ocean navigation skills, as well as build upon the self-reliance in the outdoors that students focused on in Explore. These expeditions will indeed provide a unique and fond memory of school life for those students who step aboard this rare adventure.

Choose Your Own Adventure – Leadership Experience

This aspect of the course aims to put leadership skills, knowledge and abilities into practice. There are many possibilities for leadership experience both within the Collingwood community and beyond. These may be service or other leadership roles that students are already interested in and committed to, such as camp counseling, coaching, peer tutoring, Belize service project, etc. A minimum of 25 hours of leadership experience must be completed. This experience will be documented and reflected upon in their leadership portfolio. This is a great way to get course credit for leadership service endeavours that students are already committed to.

Leadership Google Classroom Portfolio

Through thoughts & creative reflections students will tell the story of their leadership experiences on a leadership portfolio. This will be a creative outlet for reflecting upon leadership experiences and showcasing skills, abilities and knowledge. Each Seminar assignment as well as goals and reflections prior to and following-up key leadership experiences are posted on Google Classroom.

Registration and Application

In order to fully enroll in this course, students must register with their other courses thru PCR AND complete the Leadership 11 Application, and then submit it to explore@collingwood.org. Registration and application does not guarantee placement in the course. Candidates will be selected based upon their application, previous Explore performance, and in consultation with housemasters and Head of School to ensure that students can handle the extra course load.

Prerequisite: Students must apply by completing an application. Successful participation in Explore 9 is strongly recommended.

Leadership 11 2018 Form

Course Syllabus
Smart Goals
Wow Reflections

Tall Ships Expedition

This expedition is a 5 day Tall Ship sailing experience with a focus on experiential learning, leadership, self-discovery, and teamwork aboard the schooner, Maple Leaf – owned and operated by Maple Leaf Adventures.

Priority is given to our enrolled Leadership 11 students and has costs to participants that aren’t covered by tuition. We meet the ship in Nanaimo and spend 5 days sailing it in the Southern Gulf Islands and Strait of Georgia before delivering it back to its winter port in Sydney, BC, near Victoria.

Students experience the challenges and benefits of living in a close community, working together on sail training and rigging the sailboat, sailing the boat themselves, travelling by wind power and exploring the Gulf Islands. There are also detailed lessons on knots, chart reading, sailing history and navigation. It is an outstanding opportunity for teaching students valuable life skills and traits such as leadership, self-confidence, communication, perseverance, and collaborating with others. For those students interested in taking Leadership 11, this expedition does count towards course credit in that course.

When: Mid – October
Where: Southern Gulf Islands aboard the Maple Leaf

WOW! So many gorgeous photos...thank you for sharing them! What an amazing trip for these kids! Our daughter has still not stopped talking about it! Many, many thanks again to Ms. Paul and Mr. Ravensbergen for giving their time and enthusiasm to the Tall Ships Crew!


Sayward Lake Canoe Trip

The Leadership 11 Sayward Lake Canoe Trip takes place at the end of June, with preparation blocks scheduled in the weeks prior to the trip. As it is part of the Leadership course, emphasis is placed on developing student leadership both on and off the water. Over many kilometers of portaging and paddling, the students work through authentic experiences of conflict, uncertainty, safe decision making, risk, teamwork, and of course leadership. Each student goes through the experience of finding their personal edges, and as they support each other in this process they bond as a group.

Where applicable, teachers draw upon material covered in the previous Leadership 11 seminars. Specific outdoor skills covered by this expedition include: canoe rescue techniques, map reading, navigation, portaging, water hazard awareness, route planning, safety procedures, safety equipment, and how to pack a canoe for wilderness travel. The time on the Sayward Lake Chain is spent refining paddling techniques, exploring the lakes and learning the history of the area. In addition, the group learns about local flora and fauna, minimum impact camping techniques, as well as collaboratively refining their outdoor cooking skills.

When: June
Where: Sayward Lake Chain, Vancouver Island