Leadership 11

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Leadership 11

Leadership 11 is designed for students who would like to become more self-aware, learn about their leadership style and improve their project and group management skills. Throughout the year, students in this course will develop and apply their leadership skills in a variety of different contexts culminating in their Inspire Positive Change (IPC) Project in which they will seek out a leadership opportunity of their choice. 

This course begins in September, finishes in mid-May and is scheduled outside the timetable. We begin the course with an overnight retreat in early September and then the bulk of the course is delivered through ten afterschool seminars usually held on Mondays throughout the year from 3:30-5:00pm. In addition there is an overnight adventurous leadership workshop where we dive deeper into leadership topics that help students on their personal development journey. Finally, the aforementioned IPC Project is largely self-directed and students should expect this aspect of the course to take approximately 30 hours or so on their own time throughout the C-G term. The IPC is ideally in an area of interest for each student which makes the project that much more rewarding. 

Units of study include: different leadership styles and theories, how to give and receive effective feedback, project management and goal setting tools, decision making strategies, problem solving and conflict resolution. Upon completion of Leadership 11, students should feel more confident and prepared to take on leadership roles, achieve their goals and inspire those around them. 

Prerequisite: Grade 10 or 11 student who is self-motivated and independent. Students must apply by completing an application.


As mentioned, the 10 seminars will occur between September and May, after school from 3:30-5pm. These seminars are mandatory and students will find them dynamic and interactive. Some of the themes will be: definitions of Leadership, Personal Leadership, Leadership qualities, Leading Others and Team Building, Situational Leadership, Community-Ship, Leadership Decision Making, Stages of Group Development, Tips and Tools of Leadership, and a Leadership Debate.  Students will participate in various interactive initiative tasks and discussions designed to highlight and develop particular leadership skills.  They will learn about different leadership styles and theories. 

Senior School Explore Expedition

Students must complete a Senior School Explore Expedition as a culminating activity to complete the course. A non-refundable deposit for their expedition is due upon acceptance into the course. These trips create a chance for students to take what they’ve learned in theory and apply it in a real, safe and practical scenario. The options vary from year to year and past expeditions have included Tall Ships, Sayward Lake Chain Canoe trip, Sea Kayaking in Nootka Sound, and a Tofino Surf and Service trip on the West Coast. There are two trips offered for students to sign up for including a Gulf Islands Tall Ships expedition and a Sayward Lake Canoe expedition. These 5-6 day trips will focus on peer leadership, ocean navigation skills, as well as build upon the self-reliance in the outdoors that students focused on in Explore. These expeditions will indeed provide a unique and fond memory of school life for those students who step aboard this rare adventure.

Inspire Positive Change Project

This aspect of the course aims to put leadership skills, knowledge and abilities into practice. Students will create a network of support, seek out a personal leadership opportunity, develop a project, complete a reflection and deliver a presentation of learning.  The objective of this project is to use their leadership skills and practice their presentation skills.  The project will showcase their interests and values as well as the development of their personal leadership journey.  They have the opportunity to showcase their project during the Leadership 11 Expo in April.

Leadership Google Classroom Portfolio

Through thoughts & creative reflections students will tell the story of their leadership experiences on a leadership portfolio. This will be a creative outlet for reflecting upon leadership experiences and showcasing skills, abilities and knowledge. Each Seminar assignment as well as goals and reflections prior to and following-up key leadership experiences are posted on Google Classroom.

Registration and Application

In order to fully enroll in this course, students must register with their other courses thru Veracross AND complete the google form Leadership 11 Application. Registration and application does not guarantee placement in the course. Candidates will be selected based upon their application, previous Explore performance, and in consultation with Heads of House and/or Dean of Student Life to ensure that students can handle the extra course load.

Prerequisite: Students must apply by completing an application. Successful participation in Explore 9 is strongly recommended.

Leadership 11 Application 

Course Syllabus