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A group photo of all the members on Parents' Council

Parents' Council

Parents’ Council is a group of volunteer parents and guardians whose primary focus is community engagement through activities and events which are designed to connect our parents, and strengthen our school community and belonging.


Spring Fair

Each April, Parents’ Council hosts Spring Fair, a beloved Collingwood Tradition.

Families from both campuses celebrate at our Morven Campus with food and games.

Staff Appreciation

Parents’ Council hosts lunch for the dedicated faculty and staff of Collingwood at two separate events on our Junior and Senior School Campuses.

This year, we brought in food trucks and celebrated Italian-style.

“The annual Teacher & Staff Appreciation Lunch is held at both campuses as a way to say thank you to all the wonderful people who make Collingwood so special for our students. Having the opportunity to organize this event on behalf of the entire Collingwood parent community is just one of the reasons why I love being part of the Collingwood Parents’ Council.” 

Parishad Hafezi
Hospitality Coordinator 

Grade-wide Coffee Mornings and the Summer Buddy Program

Each fall, we host grade-wide coffee mornings–a great opportunity to engage with PC and ask any questions you may have about the coming year, events or volunteer opportunities.In the summer we also run a New Family Summer Buddy program. New families to Collingwood are matched with an existing "Buddy Family" at Collingwood who has a child in the same grade.

This is a terrific opportunity for current families to give back to our wonderful school, by helping to make the transition for new families a welcoming and memorable experience.



Festive Craft Day Coordinator

As a new immigrant, I have made many friendships through the variety of activities and diverse cultural interest groups that Parents’ Council organizes. As a PC volunteer I have found my sense of belonging here at Collingwood. It’s a community, a family, a warm environment for not only my child, but also for myself to flourish in!


Parent Party Coordinator

Being involved in Parents’ Council is a way to help build bridges between families and our school. It is about celebrating our diverse community and creating new connections that are genuine and meaningful.


Hospitality Coordinator

Volunteering on Parents’ Council has afforded me the opportunity to give back to the school that my kids love, and to make deep connections with other parent volunteers from different grades that I likely would not otherwise have met.


Wentworth Class Rep Liaison

Joining Parents' Council has been such a fulfilling experience! Activities foster stronger friendships, bring parents together and build a stronger school community. Not only does it allow me, a relatively new parent to Collingwood, to meet parents across different grades but it has helped me be more connected to the school.

Get Involved

At Collingwood, Parents’ Council is a group of volunteer parents and guardians whose primary focus is community engagement. Parents’ Council welcomes every Collingwood parent to find connection and belonging through volunteer opportunities at our School and through engagement events.  

Some examples include, Ski Club, Hiking Club, Workout in the Woods, Dog Walking Social Group, Book Club and a growing list of cultural interest groups that provide Collingwood parents an opportunity to share experiences.

Our team is eager to connect with you and help make your experience as a Collingwood parent meaningful and memorable!

Pauline Anderson      Athena Kondopulos 
PC Chair                PC Vice-Chair 

We believe that a strong community includes diverse minds and broad perspectives.