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Call for Nominations for Alumni Association Awards

  1. Mackenzie Awards. These awards, named after David Mackenzie, Collingwood School’s first Headmaster, are presented to Collingwood alumni who have exhibited outstanding excellence in one of the four strands (Academics, Arts, Athletics or Service).
  2. Alumni Association Honours Awards, introduced in 2013, recognize outstanding accomplishments as a result of business or professional achievements, or will recognize the display of great courage in the face of adversity.
  3. Alumni Association Volunteer Awards, also introduced in 2013, recognize an alumni for service to the Alumni Association and/or to Collingwood School.

Awards in all three categories may not necessarily be given out each year. If you wish to nominate a Collingwood alum for any of the above awards, please fill out the form below.

Questions? alumni@collingwood.org



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