Dragons No Match For Collingwood Cricketer Cavaliers

It took a while for the sun to actually arrive this spring, but when it has appeared our cricket team has managed to fit two games in against arch-rival St. George's. Senor Diaz has barely been able to contain his joy as the Cavs have hammered the Dragons in both matches. Here is his report:

It seems as though our Cavalier cricket machine has started an unstoppable march to the top place in this year's edition of the Vancouver Cricket League Championship. Under the Captaincy of Graeme Beck and Christopher Haniak the Collingwood Cricket Cavaliers have soared to new heights, effectively smoking the available competition.

Collingwood inflicted two consecutive devastating defeats to the defending champion Saint George's. In our last game our batting artillery produced an unprecedented 115 runs in just 12 overs, while only allowing 65 runs from the opposing team. It was a downpour of hits that our batters incessantly pelted over unlucky opposing fielders.

Yesterday's score represents a new record for total runs ever scored by a Collingwood team in a 12 overs game. Our defensive machine took 10 wickets in just 12 overs, which represents another Collingwood record.

Graham Beck distinguished himself for scoring 30 runs (the maximum allowed as per league rules). Max Lupton, Christopher Haniak, and Krishna Vijayakumar also scored numerous runs. I also wish to commend Hannah Palacios for her penetrating bowling and for taking a decisive wicket at the end of the match.

Cricket captains Chris Haniak and Graham Beck have their game faces on while Parinaz Mahmoudi, Katie McRae and Max Lupton bow down to their greatness OR perhaps are just praying for more sunshine.

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