The Chase Is Over - Golf Cavs Finally Golden

For Coach Payne it has been a long time coming. After multiple second-place finishes at the BC AA Golf Championships, the chase for gold ended this afternoon in Chase, BC. The Cavs are coming home with the gold medal. Phoebe Yue (75), Sean Buckles (76), Michael Kennedy (77), Sandee Park (84) and Ben Wrixon cruised to a 16-stroke lead on the first day and brought it home today.

It is now official, this is the greatest sports year in Collingwood history with five teams winning gold medals in five different sports. Field Hockey, Combined Skiing, Tennis, Rugby and Golf will all proudly place big blue banners on the wall this summer.

Here is Coach Payne's report:

This has been an amazing year for the Senior Golf Team, they have won the ISA's, AA North Shore High School Championship and the overall Championships for all schools on the North Shore.

The team went into Provincials with a lot of confidence and commitment to bring home the Holy Grail. Phoebe was determined to end her Collingwood Golf career with a Provincial Gold medal around her neck as she already has two silvers and a bronze. All year long she led with determination and positivity.

The course was playing incredibly hard but all our golfers were up to the challenge. Michael Kennedy was wired and excited but focused on what he needed to do. Michael came out swinging and put up great numbers over the tournament. On day one he shot a 77, leading his group and followed that up with a 79, taking top honours for his group during the tournament. Michael finished tied for 9th, as an individual.

Sandee Park flew in from Alberta after a difficult Senior Future Links Western tournament. This fatigue definitely affected her play but she managed to be the top golfer in her group over the two days shooting an 84 and 80. She finished tied for 14th overall at Provincials.

Ben Wrixon had moments of brilliance during the tournament. He also finished with the best scores in his group. With the experience he gained this year he is looking to be a major factor in bringing home another championship.

Sean Buckles or what we like to call him, Mr. Consistent, had a great provincial tournament. He finished each day shooting 76. There are always shots we would like back but despite not going as low as he would like, Sean finished the tournament with the lowest individual male score. This is a great honour to obtain and we look forward to him retaining this title next year.

Phoebe took her role as captain very seriously this year at Provincials. She was organizing the group and keeping them positive and focused. As always, she led by example and won individual female and had the lowest two-day total for boys and girls. She truly finished as a Provincial Champion! We wish her the best at UCLA next year!

Congratulations to the team and Collingwood. This was a long time coming.

BC 2018 AA Golf Champions

Under Coach Payne's watchful eye, the Cavs warm up at Talking Rock Resort Golf Club in Chase.

Michael Kennedy shot 77 in the opening round.

Phoebe Yue demonstrating the form that won her the top golfer award.

Sean Buckles was in outstanding form throughout the tournament and will be back next year to lead the team.

Sandee Park had a great second day to help the Cavs win the title by 25 strokes.

Ben Wrixon is all smiles on contact as he blasts another drive down the middle.